The Ultimate Guide to Wellness Clubs

The Ultimate Guide to Wellness Clubs


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You might soon see more and more people heading to the club—not for poppin' bottles and dancing but meditation and massages. Welcome to the rise of wellness clubs. These members-only spaces are both for self-care and socialization, with impeccable Instagram-worthy interiors. If a gym, spa, and social club had a baby, this trend would be it. 

The clubs are popping up in big cities, catering to a crowd who want an exclusive space to unwind and exercise, all while meeting new people and making connections. Each club offers different amenities and has varied pricing tiers. Members of The Assembly in San Francisco have access to fitness classes, while members of Chillhouse in New York get credits to spend on massages.

These clubs aren't for all budgets (they're pricey), so if you're considering joining one, you'll have to weigh the pros and cons for yourself. To help you figure it out (or maybe you're just curious about them in general), we've done the homework and rounded up a list below.

The Assembly

Location: San Francisco, California

Price: $250/month (plus a one-time $250 initiation fee); or $2700/year

What's offered: Housed in an old church in San Francisco's Mission District, The Assembly is part-co-working space, part-wellness destination. Members have access to fitness classes (like yoga, strength-training, dance-cardio), in-house programming events (talks, wine tastings, meditations, networking parties, etc.), and the overall clubhouse for working and meetings. You can also book in-house services like acupuncture, manicures, cupping, and brow shaping for an extra cost, too. "In our experience, people are joining wellness clubs because they are interested in the connection with themselves but also with a community," a spokesperson for The Assembly told THE/THIRTY. "We have created a space where people come to take cafe of themselves; to feel good. When you hold that space, people open up. You know that everyone has a similar mission—to show up for yourself today, whatever that might look like to you."


Location: New York, New York

Price: $78/month for Chill Body; $115/month for All Access Chill

What's offered: A spa-meets-cafe, Chillhouse calls itself "a destination for modern self-care." You can get a manicure, massage, and matcha latte all in one visit. While you don't have to be a member to enjoy the services, Chillhouse offers two membership tiers. Chill Body gives you 10 "Chill Bills" that you can use for massages, while All Access Chill gets you 15 "Chill Bills" to use on all services. All members get select complimentary massage add-ons.

The Well

Location: New York, New York

Price: $375 a month (with a $500 initiation fee)

Set to open this summer, New York City's The Well was made for the wellness-obsessed working professional. It encompasses pretty much all facets of wellness, from fitness to diet to mental and physical health, all under one massive 13,000-square-foot space. Membership includes access to in-house practitioners (experts in sports medicine, Ayurveda, health coaching, and more); use of facilities (like the spa and relaxation lounge); monthly sessions with a health coach; unlimited yoga, meditation, and movement classes, access to personal trainers, and weekly programming (chats, workshops, seminars).


Location: Los Angeles, California

Price: $115/month for a membership

The big draw of Wanderlust is yoga, but there are also workshops, concerts, storytelling nights, and more offered in the space. There's also a cafe with healthy options and plenty of room to relax and hang out. You don't have to be a member to visit, but membership perks include unlimited yoga and meditation classes, access to members-only areas, and special event discounts.

The Wonderer

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Price: $200/month, with a single initiation fee of $1000; $275/month, with a dual initiation fee of $1250

Billing itself as a social and wellness club, The Wonderer is set to open soon in Charleston. The 50,000-square-foot compound features amenities you'd find at similar members-only club like a large pool, a full-service restaurant and bar, and co-working spaces, but there are also plenty of wellness offerings, including a steam room and sauna, smoothie bar, and a weight room and cardio machines. Members have access to daily fitness classes, too. For an extra cost, members can book massage treatments and personal training sessions.


Location: New York, New York

Price: $40/month for Party Only membership; $200/month for Socialite membership; and $400 for Club House membership (coming soon)

"Nightlife but make it healthy" should be Wellvyl's motto. The club has an emphasis on connecting wellness-minded people to each other because "being healthy can be lonely AF in NYC." Offerings include fitness classes, vegan pizza parties, talks and workshops, and even dance lessons—in locations all around the city (the brand currently has plans to build a brick-and-mortar space later in the year).

There are currently three membership tiers: Party Only provides access to parties and the Wellvyl app; Socialite gets you access to eight to 12 events a month, the app, members-only experiences, and a dedicated concierge; and Club House gives you the same perks as the socialite membership and access to the Wellvyl clubhouse when it opens.


Location: Sausalito, California

Price: $150/month; $1500/year

Located in the historic Record Plant building in Sausalito (Fleetwood Mac and Dave Matthews made albums there), Harmonia is a wellness retreat and social club. It's a place where you can get a massage, take a fitness class, and enjoy a glass of wine. Membership includes unlimited movement classes and use of saunas, access to workspaces and lounge areas, discounts on wellness services and events, and two complimentary guest passes a month.

Knot Springs

Location: Portland, Oregon

Price: $200/month for one year (contract); $300/month for six months (contract); $400/month; $250/week

There's a gym and spa, but the biggest star of Knot Springs is, well, the springs. The destination has a series of baths, from a hot hydro-jet pool to an icy cold plunge pool. The club recommends members try a process called the Knot Springs Sojourn, which includes an exfoliation shower, visiting the various baths, and using the sauna. In addition to the amenities, there are also members-only parties and concerts. You can visit the space without joining the club, but members have unlimited access to the gym, classes, and springs, plus discounts on personal training and treatments.


Location: New York, New York

Price: Starts at $300/month for a co-working membership; $750 for a private office membership

Both a workspace and wellness studio, Primary has two locations in Manhattan. You can sign up for a private office or co-working membership—both get you unlimited studio classes and access to locker rooms and showers. Classes include yoga, Pilates, dance, boot camp, and meditation. There's also a full-service cafe with fresh juice and snacks.

The Assemblage

Location: New York, New York

Price: $200/month for an Assembly membership (access to locations after 5 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends and programming); starts at $495/month for access to co-working spaces and programming

The Assemblage might seem like another co-working space, but it takes programming to the next level with nightly events (workshops, dinner series, discussions), global trips, and retreats at the brand's upstate New York property, The Assemblage Sanctuary. There are daily wellness programs offered, from yoga to meditation. As for food, each location has Ayurvedic dishes and non-alcoholic beverages. And if that's not enough, the Assemblage's Financial District location has studio and one-bedroom apartments for travelers or extended stays.

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