The 7 Wellness Podcasts We Can't Stop Listening To

Wellness Podcasts


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When all that stands between you, dinner, and a much-deserved glass of wine is an inevitably stressful (and delay-filled) commute home from the office, sometimes even your very best Spotify playlist just won't cut it. That's why we love podcasts: The best ones absorb us so much that any less-than-desirable circumstances—even road rage–filled traffic jams—seem to melt away. It's like a form of meditation.

Speaking of which, lately we've seen quite the crop of wellness-geared options hitting the airwaves. Whether you're hoping to indulge your inner health nerd, want to learn more about some of the industry's biggest players, or could use some lighthearted chatter about horoscopes, mindfulness, and everything in between, there's definitely a podcast for you—and we're counting down some of our favorites below.

That's So Retrograde

Listen if… you definitely run with the green juice–and-crystals crowd—but aren't afraid to laugh at yourself about it.

Stephanie Simbari and Elizabeth Kott host this often insightful, always hilarious podcast devoted to just about every trending topic in the wellness world. With episodes that cover the benefits of sound baths, reiki, supermoons, and organic makeup—not to mention guest stars like Emma Roberts and THE/THIRTY contributor Kelly LeVeque—you'll find yourself laughing and nodding along even in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The Balanced Blonde Podcast // Soul on Fire

Listen if… you want to be inspired by badass people who are taking the wellness industry by storm.

You may already know Jordan Younger from her incredibly popular blog, The Balanced Blonde—and her podcast operates under the same uplifting MO. Each episode, Younger chats with trailblazers and influencers in the wellness world about their careers and the industry at large: Gabby Bernstein, Geri Hirsch, Sophie Jaffe, and Elissa Goodman have all taken a turn, among dozens of others.

One Part Podcast

Listen if… for you, wellness goes far beyond fitness and nutrition.

While Jessica Murnane's popular book, One Part Plant, focuses on plant-based recipes and the art of eating simply and sustainably, her podcast covers far more ground. Guests like Moon Juice's Amanda Chantal Bacon, S.W. Basics' Adina Grigore, and Laila Ali join Murnane to talk everything from mindfulness to negotiating career setbacks and successes. Consider it the audio guide to living your best, most authentic life.

Lady Lovin'

Listen if… you love your girl talk with no filter.

From dealing with your period to having better orgasms, no topic is too taboo for Lo Bosworth, Jilly Hendrix, and Greta Titelman—and when it comes to female health and empowerment, isn't that exactly how it should be? Tune in for no-BS advice about sex, relationships, and personal wellness—and if you have a particularly burning question, keep in mind that the hosts field reader queries on the air all the time.

The MindBodyGreen Podcast

Listen if… you want an unscripted look at the lives of different wellness entrepreneurs.

Fans of MindBodyGreen's comprehensive health content are bound to love this series of enlightening interviews with some of the leading players in the industry. How did Whole Foods CEO John Mackey build one of the most influential supermarket chains in the country? What is it really like to be one of the most in-demand astrologers of the moment? You'll learn it all here.

Almost 30

Listen if… you're a 20-something on a perpetual journey to get your shit together.

Negotiating these early years of adulthood is at once trying, educational, and laugh-out-loud hilarious. But it always helps to have friends to stumble along with you and offer advice, solicited or otherwise. Hosts Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik are here to be those virtual buds: Each week, they chat with wellness experts and life coaches of all kinds, covering everything from self-care to money-saving tips to the art of forgiveness—all the while sharing their own highly relatable stories.


Listen if… you need a little motivation to get out of a physical or emotional rut.

Consider this your weekly therapy session, free of charge. Each episode, writer Elizabeth Dehn asks holistic doctors, spiritual gurus, and other healing professionals for their perspective on negotiating life's obstacles.

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