The 24 Wellness Products Our Editors and Readers Swear By


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We're pretty picky about our wellness products. Can you blame us? It's pretty much all we talk about all day long! So of course, we've got a lot of opinions about our favorite must-have products, but that doesn't mean we only like to keep to our tried-and-true. We're always looking for the latest and greatest.

So in case you're looking to upgrade your wellness routine or add some new self-care products, fitness gear, or supplements to your inventory, we thought we'd compile a list of our best wellness products—both our favorites of the moment and the best sellers our editors and readers love. Take a look below.


Hands down, these are the most popular leggings with our readers and editors. They're always on our best-seller list. It's no surprise since they're stretchy, comfortable, and sculpting—great for any workout.

Alo's sports bras are so stylish you'll probably want to wear them outside of the gym, too.

Outdoor Voices is another favorite brand of ours, and leave it to them to make workout dresses a thing. This has adjustable straps, a built-in shorts liner, and two pockets.

If you're looking to get on the trendy bike-shorts train, this pair from Amazon comes with crazy-good reviews. It has over 75,000 ratings and 4.5 stars. The shorts feature a high-rise, wide waistband and big side pockets.

These leggings manage to be compressive, soft, comfy, and stretchy all at once. They're great for all sorts of activities from running to yoga. Plus, they're made of recycled water bottles, so they get sustainability points.

Lululemon's whole Align collection is wildly popular. This tank top is buttery soft, weightless, and offers light support.

Fitness Gear

The Pro yoga mat from Manduka is a total favorite with our readers. Sure, it's a bit more expensive than other mats out there, but it's high quality, durable, and supportive. It will last you for years.

Who knew ankle and wrist weights could look so chic? Add these to your workout for an extra challenge.

This set is so useful. Yoga blocks are great for stability and for getting deeper into poses during your practice. And the strap is great for stretching, whether you're practicing yoga or just need to relieve some tension and soothe some muscles.

These gliders will work your whole body: legs, butt, biceps, triceps, and core.

A Theragun can be a big splurge, but it practically pays for itself if you think about cost-per-use and how amazing it is for muscle recovery.

A foam roller is a great (and relatively affordable) piece to keep on hand for muscle recovery and tension relief.


Essential oils have so many benefits, like helping with sleep and anxiety. What's one of the best ways to take advantage of those benefits? By using a diffuser. Vitruvi's diffusers are always a favorite because they fit in so well with most décor styles and have a long run time.

It doesn't get more classic than Epsom bath salts from Dr. Teal's. The lavender blend is great for sleep and relaxation.

Lighting a candle as a way to set the mood to unwind is the perfect way to end the day. My absolute favorite candle is Boy Smells's Hinoki Fantôme.

Sleek and discreet, Maude's vibrator has three speeds, a run time of two and a half hours, and is USB-chargeable.

A weighted blanket can be so cozy and comforting. Plus, many people say that it makes them feel calmer and helps them sleep better.

Journaling is a powerful tool for mental health. This highly rated journal helps you reflect and prioritize self-care.


Our editors (and readers, too!) are obsessed with Sakara's metabolism powder. It's great for relieving bloating and supporting digestion and gut health.

Ritual makes it easy to get essential vitamins and nutrients. The multivitamin is formulated with folate, omega-3 DHA, vitamin B12, vitamin D, iron, vitamin K2, boron, vitamin E, and magnesium.

For a daily de-stressor, try this adaptogenic formula. Not only can it reduce stress, but it can boost energy and mood and protect from oxidative stress.

Hum Nutrition's Hair Sweet Hair helps to support hair growth and strengthens your strands. Ingredients include biotin, zinc, and fo-ti.

Along with collagen, this powder contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to improve skin, hair, nail, and joint health.

For a little help in the sleep department, sip this herbal blend before you go to bed. It's infused with chamomile, passionflower, catnip, lavender, wild lettuce, lemon balm, and valerian root.