The 21 Best Wellness Products We've Tried in 2019—So Far

We love all things wellness over here at WWW HQ, and one of the coolest parts about the beauty and fashion industries right now is how flawlessly they've begun to coincide with everything health and wellness. From supplements that improve our beauty sleep and gut health to activewear that takes us from the yoga mat to drinks, we're into (and testing) it all.

Of course, not every wellness product we try and promptly become infatuated with is appropriately suited for our typical roster of beauty and fashion content here on WWW, but that doesn't mean we want them to fall to the wayside without ever having the opportunity to sing their praise. We've been stockpiling a lot of favorites recently, so we thought we may as well strip everything down to reveal the 21 best wellness products we've tried and tested so far in 2019. It was hard to narrow down, but whether you're a fiend for all things CBD, on the hunt for the perfect probiotic, or just want to look really, really chic at the gym, we got you. Ahead, the best wellness products currently overflowing from our gym bags and kitchen cabinets. Keep scrolling!

Best health products

"I am currently obsessed with the new athleisure brand, Nagnata. I have a few pieces that I have been wearing to the gym on heavy rotation. (See both of the above!)

"The unique knit material somehow keeps you cool throughout your workout, it's produced in a sustainable way ensuring no yarn is wasted during the production process, and all of the pieces are extremely on trend which I love."

Best products for health

"These are truly the most comfortable leggings on the planet."

"Alfred's matcha is so good. I make an oat milk matcha latte at home whenever my energy starts to fade midafternoon."

"The one thing that actually makes me look forward to flossing."


Best health and wellness products

"Yep, I hopped on the Moon Juice bandwagon, and I'll never look back. This is my favorite supplement from the brand. A spoonful in my coffee every morning gives me laser focus for the better part of the day." 

"I used to have a kitchen cabinet filled with supplements—as in, I was probably taking more vitamins in pill form than from actual food (yikes). That is until I tried Gem. Technically, it's a multivitamin, but TBH, it's really just a yummy snack that I actually want to reach for every day. In the past two weeks of taking it, I've totally decluttered my supplement shelf and have even felt more energetic, too."

Wellness products that work

I'm always game for a good wellness gummy, but these delish chews from Goop have my undivided attention right now. I'm especially obsessed with Nerd Alert for a 3 p.m. energy kick and Knock Me Out for some extra aid when my racing mind makes it difficult to drift off come bedtime. The former tastes like a latte, and the latter tastes like mint chocolate chip!

I used to be so good about drinking about a million gallons of water every day. Truly, it was impressive. But recently I've really had trouble stomaching it. Luckily, the wellness industry is obsessed with pimped-out water ATM, so there are a variety of ways to make sipping my daily quota of H2O a tad more pleasant. However, out of all the different supplement powders I've tried recently, Pacifica's new beauty powders have to be my favorite, and I appreciate how the brand makes different formulas for different needs. Wake Up Beautiful is spiked with melatonin, lavender, reishi mushroom, and L-theanine and is probably my favorite.

I'm such a snacker, and even though so many nutritionists recommend steering clear of protein or granola bars, they're so quick and convenient. I'm pretty vigilant about what I put in my body, so as long as I choose a bar with super-clean ingredients, I'm A-OK with cheating a bit. I've tried a few new protein bars recently, but these ones from TRUWOMEN are by far my favorite. They taste insanely yummy, keep me full for a solid few hours, and don't have any weird ingredients, textures, or aftertastes. I'm hooked. I also love that they're vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free!

I've been riding the CBD train for a while now, but thus far I've been pretty selective with my product stash. However, this brand-new triple threat from Love Wellness is at the top of my list for this year's favorites. I typically add CBD to my morning smoothies, so I obviously appreciate the tincture of oil, but I've also loved having a pill form on hand too.

Again, water has been tricky for me lately, and Dirty Lemon has been a lifesaver to ensure I log enough swigs per day. Plus, the brand's newest game-changing addition is infused with a retinol-rich beauty serum and has a refreshing, summery taste of pineapple, hibiscus, ginger, and black cherry.

I've had trouble finding a probiotic that agrees with my gut, but these ones from ProBiogen are wonderful. I'm especially into its selection of targeted formulas and have made the Stress & Mood formula a regular part of my everyday wellness ritual. I'm convinced I have more energy and less anxiety.

I've almost gotten sick so many times in the past year but have been able to side-step full-blown head colds since I started spritzing this into my mouth and throat daily. Essentially, propolis is bee spit, which I realize sounds pretty, um, unappealing, but it has ridiculously amazing immunity properties (and tastes great—kind of sweet like honey). Case in point, my throat was hurting, and I felt like I was getting sick in the days leading up to Coachella. I went to the festival (with this bottle on the ready), got about eight hours of sleep total over the course of a few days, and never wound up sick. I truly swear by this stuff and am halfway convinced I'll never actually get a cold again.

Another slide, another water supplement! Not to sound like a broken record, but drinking enough water and finding great sources of probiotics that don't upset my stomach has been the ultimate challenge for me in 2019. This hydration-boosting elixir from The Beauty Chef has made such a difference. It's an organic, bio-fermented, and coconut-infused probiotic concentrated specifically formulated to support the gut and improve skin's hydration and glow. I now add a spoonful to a glass of cool or room temperature water every morning, and, gasp, I actually look forward to it. It also has other dreamy ingredients like aloe vera and lemon myrtle.

Lately, all I've been wearing to work out are shorts, and these ones from Alo are so comfortable. Plus, they're cute enough to run errands in, and I've been getting so many compliments. They're so good I want them in every color.

Best health products

"I had a baby this year, which has been the most magical experience, but I'm also physically and mentally exhausted—trying to balance a job, a newborn, and everything in between. I often have zero time to eat a proper meal or take care of myself like I used to. I heard many mothers touting about Goop's postnatal supplements, The Mother Load. While they're a little pricey, I've been taking them for a few months now and feel safe in the knowledge that I'm getting the critical vitamins I need post-pregnancy."

"This year, I started dry-brushing my skin every other day, as I heard it helps with circulation and gets your skin glowing. I've noticed a vast improvement in the vibrancy and softness of my skin, and it's become almost a meditative ritual that instills a little calm in my day."

Best products for health

"I love everything about these leggings, from the fit to the thick material to their uniqueness. Going to the gym is much easier when you actually have activewear that you like."

Best wellness and health products

"Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep when I'm adjusting to a new time zone, but these melatonin gummies do the trick every time. They're essential for long flights and international trips."

"Speaking of travel, here's another must I always pack. This pillow and eye mask not only make plane trips feel a little more luxe, but the specially designed fabric also helps to prevent wrinkles. Win-win."

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