I Just Moved to a New Place; Here Are All the Wellness Products I Took With Me

The Best Wellness Products for Your Apartment


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Here's a fact I can personally attest to: Moving is stressful AF. Three years ago, I hopped on a plane flight from New York to L.A., and since then, I've moved apartments a total of five times. Don't get me wrong: I love the idea of starting over somewhere fresh, but I've yet to have a moving experience go completely smoothly. There are the big things (spending your entire paycheck on furniture and movers) and the small things (forgetting to forward your mail), and let's not forget the irritating things (when your dresser arrives with every part but the actual drawers—true story).

But ah, once you're nice and settled in your new space, moving can feel so invigorating. There's something special about getting the chance to decorate and curate your own safe haven and infuse little bits of your personality into your home. And as a wellness editor, products that benefit both my physical and emotional health are must-haves, no matter where I'm currently living. Curious at what products made it onto my packing list? Keep scrolling to read why they made the move with me and to shop them yourself.

The Best Wellness Products for Your Apartment


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Essential Oil Diffuser 

Ever since my mom graciously gifted me with a diffuser for Christmas one year (from Amazon, no less), I've been virtually addicted to incorporating essential oils into my wellness routine. Besides the fact that the sweet smell of lavender helps me drift off into slumber each and every night, I also love diffusing peppermint while tidying up my space. In fact, one of my first orders of business after dropping off my suitcases and boxes was to plug in my Vitruvi and refresh my new spot with some of my favorite scents.


For those nights I'm feeling exceptionally bougie (and also feeling a bit wired where I worry I won't be able to grab much sleep), I love stirring a spoonful of this sleep supplement into a cup of tea or collagen hot cocoa. A little bit goes a long way, so this has quickly become a staple in my pantry.

I don't typically eat a full breakfast, but I am a coffee fiend, so this collagen creamer is major for me. Truth be told, I can't speak to whether collagen has truly affected my skin, as I haven't really noticed much of a difference, but I do like the added protein that keeps me full until lunchtime—and it also tastes really, really good.

Eco-Friendly Storage Bags

You know you're an adult when you start to get excited about kitchenware… I thus knew I had offically grown up when I started using my Stasher bags—I'm obsessed. Of course, I'm always on a mission to living more sustainably, but I also really love how versatile these bags are. I even used them to pack some of my smaller items while moving.

Eco-friendly Toilet Paper

Toilet paper may not be the most sexiest item in your household, but I love that this company has made one that's not only eco-friendly, but that also can be delivered to your door without giving it a second thought. It looks super cute in a linen closet, too, I must say!


Once you get your hands on a handheld frother, you're going to need someone to pry you away from it. Not only has it completely elevated my morning coffee, but I also love how it mixes any supplements I add into my brew so well (because truthfully, it can get clumpy).


Like many wellness editors, I've been dabbling in CBD products ever since they completely disrupted the industry a few years back. I'm not one to swear by any daily supplements or oils, but after dealing with a particularly stressful day filled with selling furniture, getting apartment approvals, and more super-fun moving stuff, I popped one of these Happiness tablets from Winged and instantly felt my anxieties melt away. I made sure to pack these in my purse on moving day so they wouldn't get lost in the mix, just in case I needed something (besides wine) to chill me out.

Astrological Décor

Okay, I have to admit: I technically purchased this once I decided to upgrade my bedroom decór after moving, and while it doesn't exactly impact my wellness directly, I love adding something astrological to my space. I'm an introvert at heart, so having a spot where I can come home and spend quality "me" time is vital. Choosing a few pieces that instantly make me feel important only helps.

Gratitude Journals 

A few years ago when I was feeling particularly stuck, a friend of mine gave me some simple but solid advice that has stuck with me ever since: Every single day, even just for a few minutes, write. I started vowing to write at least three pages a day about literally anything that came to mind. Somewhere along the line, probably after I learned how beneficial a gratitude practice is for your health, I started listing three things I was grateful for at the end of every entry. Journaling is a sort of active meditation for me, and it really helps me unclog my brain and uncover what's really bothering me when I'm feeling lost and confused. I've filled up plenty of blank notebooks I just had laying around, but this journal, in particular, is my favorite.

(Fake) Succulents 

Not going to lie: I've tried being a #PlantMom, and so far, it just hasn't worked out for me. Perhaps at a time in my life when things have settled down a bit and I can focus more on my little earthlings, I'll try again. But studies show that even just looking at plants can give you a boost, so I made sure a few fake plants tagged along to my new space.

Sage and Crystals 

One of the first things I did after moving in (before unpacking all my belongings) was light some sage and clear away the energy from the room's previous occupant. Good or bad, it simply didn't belong to me. A bit woo-woo, yes, but I really do enjoy the scent and ritual of thinking of everything positive I want to bring into my space as I move around the apartment.

TBH, I'm not totally sold on the idea that crystals really do much. However, I can testify that mere months after purchasing a rose quartz crystal at a small shop near Venice Beach, I happened to meet my long-term boyfriend. Regardless, crystals make for a very pretty addition to any room décor, and I won't turn down anything that promises to stave off bad energy.

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