5 Science-Backed Supplements to Help You Cut Down on Caffeine, Booze, and More

Everyone has at least one diet or lifestyle vice, and that is simply because we are all human. Whether it's candy, happy hour cocktails, or four daily cups of coffee, we all have habits we'd rather kick—which is infinitely easier said than done. "Oftentimes our not-so-healthy habits are so ingrained and deep-rooted that it can be mind-boggling to imagine life without them," comments holistic nutritionist Jessica Waller, who says the true key to breaking out of unhealthy habits is to pinpoint the exact scenario in which you experience those cravings and try to alter your behavior by replacing it with something more soul-satisfying. This could be a walk, a phone call with a good friend, or a self-care practice like taking a wellness-boosting supplement.

At Byrdie, we're in the business of providing realistic, science-backed health advice; so in that spirit, we've put together this list of wellness supplements catered to your particular vice—in other words, whether you're into refined sugar or cigarettes, there is a healthy alternative out there that can provide some of the pleasure you derive from that vice without the negative effects.

Of course, letting go of ingrained habits doesn't happen overnight: "There will always be situations where you'll be triggered to reach for your vice," says Waller. "But try to step back and analyze the issue rather than giving into a knee-jerk reaction. And know that a small setback doesn't mean total failure. … Long term, you'll start to realize that you can live without the vice—and that you often feel better by doing so."

To help you along that journey, we've put together this list of science-approved supplements to help you get over five different vices. Every time you feel a craving, just take one of these instead.

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