The One Piece of Activewear That Will Make Your Workouts a Little Bit Easier


Adam Hester/Getty Images

When you're working out, you want as few things to get in the way as possible. I'm talking about your clothing, your shoes, and even your hair. Regarding the last one, there's nothing more annoying to me when I'm in the middle of a workout than my hair getting in my face with every movement, but I can't fix it because I'm focused on the task at hand.

There's an easy, why-didn't-I-think-of-that solution for this problem: a headband. Who would have thought? The best workout headbands can keep the hair out of the way, and some even wick away sweat to keep your face clear. Now, I try to make sure my ponytail is tight and my hair is swept back before every workout—and sometimes I add that headband for extra help.

Take a look at some options below.

1. Lululemon Fly Away Tamer Headband

Designed for training, this headband is made of Lululemon's Luxtreme fabric, which is sweat-wicking and has four-way stretch. The inside of the headband is velvet-lined so it stays in place.

2. Alo Airlift Headband

Alo's headband is so lightweight it won't weigh you down during your workouts. The performance fabric is sleek and sweat-wicking.

3. Athleta Skinny Strap Headband

If you prefer a thinner headband, try this pack from Athleta. It's great for medium- to high-impact workouts, and you can throw it in the wash, too.

4. Yogitoes Headbands

This pack comes with 12 headbands in four different colorways so you've got a headband for a week's worth of workouts and then some.

5. Icebreaker Merino Wool & Cotton Headband

For cold-weather workouts, this headband will keep you extra warm. The piece is made of merino wool and organic cotton—both are breathable.

6. Under Armour Mini Athletic Headbands

These skinny headbands are soft and stretchy and feature grippy silicone strips so they won't slip off your head.

7. Nike Wide Knit Headband

With a double-layer knit exterior and a fleece-lined interior, Nike's headband will keep you warm while wicking away sweat.

8. FP Movement Game Point Sweat Headband

This is just your classic sporty headband. It's made of a soft, stretchy knit fabric that will really soak up sweat.

9. Lululemon Cardio Cross Trainer Headband

This may look like a normal sweat-wicking, stretchy headband, but it's a lot more than that. It's made with Silverescent technology, which stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

10. Athleta Knotted Headband in Powervita

Made with Athleta's buttery-soft Powervita fabric, this headband might tempt you to wear it post-workout, too. It's breathable, quick-drying, and gently compressive (aka it won't fall off your head).

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