Our Picks for the Greatest Yoga Mats on Amazon

The 15 Best Yoga Mats on Amazon


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Whether you're considering signing up for a yoga class or are already a regular at a studio, you're going to need a trusted yoga mat. Not all mats are created the same. When choosing one, think about the thickness (thicker ones provide more comfort for people with bad knees or injuries), material, and texture (for stickiness, so you don't slip).

To help, we rounded up the best yoga mats on Amazon based on reviews and our own personal favorites. Check them out below.

1. Gaiam Yoga Mat

Want a surefire way to stand out in yoga class (besides perfecting that headstand)? Get a colorful Gaiam mat. Each mat comes with a downloadable yoga workout so you can test-drive it at home first. For the price, it's a solid option, as one reviewer wrote, "It does not slip and has a nice grip to it. I have absolutely no complaints and am quite happy with it. Plus, it's a bit thicker than regular mats which helps my aging body a lot on wood floors. It lies completely flat on the floor."

2. Amazon Basics Extra Thick Exercise Mat

You really can't go wrong with Amazon Basics' fitness gear. It's, well, basic, and gets the job done. What more can you ask for? One reviewer said, "Love this mat! I use this at home for 'off days' from the gym, for mat exercises and/or stretching. It has sufficient padding to not hurt the knees or back, and to feel comfortable doing exercises. It rolls out nicely, and didn't quickly roll back after being unrolled—like some of the other ones I've had."

3. BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat

At 71 inches long and 24 inches wide, with a half-inch of thickness, this mat is versatile and especially good for people with knee or joint pain. Both sides are non-slip so you can take on any pose with confidence. Amazon labels it a best seller—it has over 28,000 reviews, and 69% of them are five-star.

4. Sugarmat Healing Heart Premium Yoga Mat

This marble-inspired mat might be the prettiest one we've seen. It comes with a carrying strap and is machine-washable (just hang it to dry).

5. ProsourceFit Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Another best seller on Amazon, this mat is great for yoga or Pilates. One reviewer said it's surprisingly light for how thick it is, and is "definitely worth getting if someone gets knee pain using a regular yoga mat."

6. Aurorae Synergy 2-in-1 Yoga Mat

A combo of a microfiber towel and mat, this one's a keeper for Bikram regulars. Believe it or not, it works better if you're drenched in sweat. A yoga teacher wrote in a review, "With this mat I do not have to worry about struggling to balance the alignment as the mat firmly holds even if I am sweating. In fact, the grip gets better with more sweat!"

7. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

Most reviewers commented on the density of the mat and how it feels firm, so there is more stability when getting into poses. Be warned, though: Some reviewers had to break it in with salt to make it less slippery. The process is normal for this mat, and Manduka has a video on how to properly do it on YouTube.

8. Liforme Yoga Mat

If you find yourself practicing more at home than in a studio, this mat will be a substitute instructor of sorts. It comes with alignment lines to help you with your posture. Yes, it's pricey, but if you're serious about perfecting your technique, this might be a good investment.

9. Manduka Eko Lite Yoga Mat

The Eko Lite mat is another good option for those who frequent hot yoga classes. One reviewer said, "I have very clammy hands regardless of whether or not I'm at a Bikram or Vinyasa flow class and this mat really works wonders in keeping me from slipping and sliding around in down dog or in any other position. It also tends to work even better as the mat is worn in a bit (I got this mat about four months ago and go to yoga about three to four times a week, and it's very comfortable now)." One thing to note, though, is a lot of reviewers said it has a "rubbery" smell, but many got rid of it by airing it out or hanging it.

10. Toplus Yoga Mat

After doing research on what customers wanted in a yoga mat, Toplus created a version with a double-sided, anti-slip texture. The mat seems to work on just about any surface, as three reviewers who had tile, carpet, and wood floors all gave five-star reviews.

11. Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

You'll feel good about using the Jade Harmony yoga mat, which is made of natural rubber. It's pricier than some, but reviewers say it's worth it. One wrote, "I bought this after having taken 100 yoga classes. What can I say, I'm a fan of 'treat yo' self.' I like to think of this as an investment that is definitely worth it if you plan on practicing yoga regularly."

12. Retrospec Pismo Yoga Mat

If we were going to choose a mat based on a cool design, this one would be on the list. Luckily, it's also a durable find, too. A reviewer wrote "I love this yoga mat! There were similar, if not exact, yoga mats for three times as much. I am glad I opted for this one! Not only did I save money, but I love it! I do not slide like some of the other reviews have stated, but that's just my personal experience. I not only use it for yoga, but some of my target training as well."

13. Iuga Dual Color Yoga Mat

This review pretty much sums it up: "I knew I wanted something with good cushion but not be a 'princess and the pea situation' either. After several uses I can confidently say that slippage is minimal if not nonexistent. And the padding is superb. It's soft enough to [provide] comfort, but also firm enough to feel when you're not in the right position or have your weight incorrectly distributed, which as a beginner I appreciate very much." The mat even comes with a free carrying strap.

14. Lottus Life Natural Jute Fiber Yoga Mat

Made of natural jute, this mat is a bit different than the others on this list but still works just as well. One reviewer adds, "This mat is fantastic, it is little heavy but well worth the weight for how nice and thick it is. It's also very pretty and not like any other mat I have seen, it's also got good footing and I felt very comfortable doing advanced moves."

15. Gaiam Folding Travel Fitness and Exercise Mat

Plan on working out during vacation? Or need to get a session in during your business travels? This compact mat is a great option. It folds into a 10-inch-by-12-inch square and weighs one pound, so it can fit in a carry-on easily.

16. Yoga Design Lab The Combo Yoga Mat

This design is both a mat and a towel in one, so it's perfect for those sweaty hot yoga sessions. It's made of natural tree rubber and microfiber made from recycled bottles. One reviewer said, "I used this mat for a very intense hot yoga practice the day I got it. I never slipped once, and overall it was one of the best practices I have ever had. The material does not grip as well as the harder rubber of some other brand hot yoga mats, but it is easier to move around on. It absorbs sweat very well, and provided ample support for a variety of poses."

17. Gruper Yoga Mat Non Slip

You won't slip on this yoga mat thanks to its textured surface. It's soft, has high elasticity, and won't crack. A review reads, "After about 10 yoga sessions I can honestly say that I really like this yoga mat. I have always used a mat that was extra cushioning. I was worried that this was going to be too hard but I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be a good mix between cushioned and firmness. My old yoga mat used to stretch way too much when I was in downward-facing dog. This one does not stretch which is a very good thing. One of its best attributes is that it is really grippy both to the floor and to my feet and hands."

18. WWWW PIDO Yoga Mat

This dense mat (6mm) works not only for yoga, but also Pilates and other mat exercises. It's non-slip, too. One reviewer wrote, "It's really thick, making it comfortable to kneel on; which is really nice for yoga. Been using it for a month now and it hasn't shown signs of wear. It rolls out easily, and doesn't curl too much. I also really like the pink and blue color scheme."

19. Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat

If you need some extra support and cushioning during your practice, Gaiam's extra thick mat is a good option. It also comes with a carrier strap so you can easily tote it to class and back. A reviewer wrote, " It's a really nice mat and you can't beat the price. It is long and very soft, which I personally like. I am older and wanted some extra cushion for knees and elbows. I can see where it would throw balance off a bit due to this softness, but I look at it as pushing me harder to keep my balance. Great mat that I would recommend."

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