These Are the 15 Best Yoga Studios in NYC

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The best part of living in New York City is the sheer variety of options you have for just about everything. Thai restaurants? There's pretty much one on each block. Juice shops? You might have a couple of go-tos, depending on the borough. And when it comes to workout choices, your cup runneth over, basically. From gyms to barre classes to boxing to indoor cycling workouts to yoga studios, you can try a different form of exercise every single day.

If you're a yogi, or you want to rev up your practice but don't know where to go, we've got some options for you. Take a look at our picks for the best yoga studios in NYC. It's time to pack your mat and go.

1. Y7 Studio

Pricing: $25 per class; $45 for the new client special which includes three classes and yoga mat and towel rentals; various packages

Locations: 11 throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn

Y7 Studio doesn't offer your typical yoga classes, and that's what makes it fun. There are different types of vinyasa classes offered, ranging from flow classes to others that are more restorative. During class, the studio is heated to 80 to 90 degrees and the space is dark and candlelit so you can focus on yourself and no one else in the room. I've been a couple of times and my favorite thing is the music—be prepared to listen to artists like Cardi B, SZA, Drake, and a Tribe Called Quest.

2. Yoga to the People

Pricing: $10 suggested donation fo power vinyasa flow classes; $17 per class for other classes; various packages

Locations: Seven throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens

True to its name, Yoga to the People's mission is to be accessible to everyone. The studio's power vinyasa flow classes are donation-based, with $10 being the suggested amount, but there's no pressure to donate if you can't afford to do so. Other classes offered include traditional hot yoga and hot vinyasa, depending on the studio.

3. Urban Asanas

Pricing: $17 for drop-ins

Locations: One in Brooklyn

Urban Asanas is committed to providing yoga to people of all levels and socio-economic backgrounds, which is why it offers free mat rentals and community classes, among other initiatives. In addition to various types of yoga classes, the studio also offers Pilates, acupuncture, reiki sessions, tarot readings, and sauna sessions.

4. Yoga Vida

Pricing: $30 for first visit, $22 for drop-ins; various packages

Locations: Four throughout Manhattan

When I lived in New York, I used to go to Yoga Vida regularly because I found it a space for beginners and people who could do headstands with ease. I never felt judged and always felt so good after class. The studio offers different classes including basics, flow, heated flow, kids yoga, restorative, and even prenatal and postnatal sessions. Did I mention that Hilaria Baldwin is a founder and instructor?

5. Vero Yoga NYC

Pricing: $90 per month unlimited (new student special); $21 per class; various packages

Locations: One location in Brooklyn

Located in a Brooklyn brownstone, you'll feel comfortable and at home in Vero Yoga's studio. There are four types of classes offered: slow alignment flow, open flow, restorative flow, and hour of empoyer flow (an early morning vinyasa class with meditation and breathwork).

6. Sky Ting Yoga

Pricing: $40 for three classes for first-timers; $20 per month for Sky Ting TV; various packages

Locations: Three throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn

Sky Ting uses influences from Katonah Yoga, Taoist, hatha, and vinyasa practices for its classes. The stylish studios also offer unique programming like workshops and retreats. You can even sign up for a session in an infrared sauna at the Tribeca location (it's $45 for a 30-minute single session). The studio also offers Sky Ting TV, which lets you practice from anywhere.

7. Humming Puppy

Pricing: $70 for unlimited classes for three weeks (introductory offer); $35 per class; various packages

Locations: One in Manhattan

Humming Puppy's yoga classes are based on the principles of "breath-pranayama, movement-asana, and awareness-meditation," according to its website. During the class, the studio is heated to 80 degrees. And the "humming" part in its name is no coincidence—you'll be immersed in a combination of frequencies that are supposed to ground you and help with your performance.

8. Sweet Water Dance and Yoga

Pricing: $18 for drop-ins; $49 for 30 days of unlimited classes (intro month special); various packages

Location: One in the Bronx

Located one block away from Yankee Stadium, Sweet Water Dance & Yoga also offers barre, Pilates, boot camp, and pole fitness classes—all under its 4000-square-foot facility and at affordable prices. Yoga classes include hatha, vinyasa, hot, and daily community offerings. The studio also hosts regular events for the community as well.

9. YES Studio

Pricing: $20 for two weeks of unlimited classes (intro special); $20 for drop-ins; various packages

Locations: 1 in Queens

YES Studio has flow, restorative, passive, power, dance and alignment classes—some are heated and others are non-heated. Clients can also attend workshops like sound baths, and book therapy sessions like acupressure and reiki healing.

10. Yoga Agora

Pricing: $8 per regular class ($10 per regular class starting in January 2020)

Locations: One in Queens

Yoga Agora gets its name from the Greek word for the central meeting spaces in ancient Greece, so you can tell it has a warm, community feel. There are different classes for all levels, evening candlelit flow, classes conducted in Spanish, and even ones for those practicing inversions. With classes under $10, this studio is one of the most affordable ones on our list.

11. Yogamaya

Pricing: $44 for two-week unlimited (new students special); $26 per class; various packages

Locations: One in Manhattan

Yogamaya offers Vinyasa classes for different levels from beginner to Level 3. There are also restorative, prenatal, and postnatal session. And there's even a class for older adults (60 years and up), which is $7.

12. LL Studio by Laughing Lotus

Pricing: New members can buy one class, get one free; $30 drop-in; various packages

Locations: Two locations in Manhattan

With colorful studio space and cool lighting, you know when you walk in that you'll live up to LL's mission of "get free, get weird." Classes offered include flow, prenatal, and restorative.

13. Pure Yoga

Pricing: Free for a trial class if you're interested in membership; call or email for membership rates

Locations: Two in Manhattan

In addition to locations in Manhattan, Pure Yoga also has studios in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Taipei. Classes range from flow to heat to alignment options. There are even meditation and barre classes offered, too. The studios itself are luxe with amenities like towel service, Kiehl's products, lounge areas, showers, and lockers. Like a gym, it has a membership model, which also provides access to workshops and events.

14. Exhale

Pricing: $39 per class; various packages

Locations: Four in Manhattan

In addition to yoga, Exhale has spa treatments, and barre and cardio classes. There are four types of yoga classes: Power, Flow, Chill, and Recovery. It's another studio I used to frequent in New York because it made me feel like I was going to the spa even when I wasn't getting a treatment done—the lockers and showers are so clean and nice. And the best part: You don't have to worry if you forget your mat, you can use one of the studio's for free.

15. The Yoga Room

Pricing: Three weeks of unlimited classes for $39; $24 per class; various packages

Locations: Two locations in Queens

The Yoga Room has two big studios in Queens that offer hot, vinyasa, aerial, Iyengar, and restorative yoga workouts. Pilates, barre, prenatal, and mommy and me classes are also available, too. And like many of the other studios on the list, there are workshops offered as well.

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