This Rockette Turned Celeb Trainer Shares Her Energy-Boosting Grocery Haul

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Courtesy of Beth Nicely

As a NASM-certified personal trainer and founder of The Limit, a virtual fitness studio that combines dance, HIIT, and toning workouts, Beth Nicely prioritizes eating well to energize her through a long day of teaching classes. When she’s not working with clients, Nicely, a former Radio City Rockette, is also a Broadway performer, and if her time on stage has taught her one thing about her diet, it’s what to eat for the most sustenance and convenience, i.e., lots of nutrient-dense snacks and, oftentimes, two breakfasts.

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My Food Philosophy

My food philosophy is all about balance. Since the training and workouts I do are intense and require a substantial diet, I don’t believe in depriving myself of anything I want. I just try not to go overboard most of the time. I'm also eating for optimal energy so that I can perform all day and be my strongest possible self. 

When I'm teaching a private session or leading people through a live class, I rely on simple carbs for a quick boost of energy, which is something I learned when I was a Radio City Rockette. I'm currently building The Limit during work-from-home life, where convenience and expedience are my top priorities, so I'm often fitting my meals in between my workouts.  

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Courtesy of Beth Nicely

My breakfasts (yes, I usually have two!) have been consistently the same for over a decade. When I wake up to train early, I'll eat two RxBars (the blueberry and mixed-berry flavors are my favorites) and have coffee with organic whole milk. The bars are a delicious and healthy source of protein and carbs to sustain me through my day of training.

Later in the morning, on my next break, I'll prepare some Glutenfreeda instant oatmeal with locally sourced honey and almond butter from either Barney or MaraNatha. This is also a great combination of energy-rich nutrients to help with muscle repair.

The rest of my meals really depends on my level of activity, but I love carbohydrates (they’re not bad for you!), so I'll probably find a way to add them into my diet sometime during the day.

I'm a Midwestern gal who wants nothing more than steak and potatoes, so sometimes, vegetables are not always at the front of my mind. My go-tos when I need more greens are brussels sprouts or grilled zucchini, or I'll add a salad when I'm eating pizza. (Kale and Bibb lettuce are my favorite salad greens.) I also love loading an omelet up with lots of veggies. Sometimes, however, I have to honestly trick myself to eat "healthier," like buying frozen cauliflower gnocchi. It's SO good.

A day is not complete without snacks, and one of my favorites is the Once Upon a Farm fruit and veggie blend pouches. You might think it’s baby food, but because it’s so fresh and healthy, it’s a perfect pick-me-up. I also love having overnight oats, non-dairy yogurt, and sweet potato pie to supplement my meals.

Finally, dessert is a nonnegotiable for me. I'm usually rotating between Breyers cookies and cream ice cream, Tate’s Bake Shop chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate, and a glass of wine or prosecco. Remember, it's all about balance!