How Bianca Cheah Leveraged Her Social Media Prowess Into a Full-Fledged Career

The wellness industry is expanding at a breakneck pace, and women are leading the charge. Our new series profiles the brand founders and influencers who are breaking the mold. Follow along as we learn about the ins and outs of their daily gigs, how they're looking to change the collective conversation, and what they envision for the future of wellness.

It's almost startling to remember that roughly five years ago, Instagram was relatively new, the wellness industry mainly circled around boutique Spin classes and juice bars, and the term influencer certainly wasn't part of our daily lexicon. But in 2012, that's the very landscape Bianca Cheah stumbled into when she first launched her blog, Sporteluxe, born out of a personal passion for health, fitness, and fashion. 

Now, the Aussie has long since established a reputation as one of the original fitness influencers, boasting 165,000 followers on the aforementioned social platform. Sporteluxe is now a bona fide digital publication with offices in Sydney and Los Angeles. She doesn't overlook the gratuitous timing of her come-up in the industry, as the fact that Instagram exploded in popularity as she was building a following certainly played a role in the growth of her company. But more credit is due to Cheah's hard work, business savvy, and foresight: Back when blogs felt more DIY than impeccably curated digital magazines, Cheah used her background in modeling and graphic design to create a digital brand that felt elevated and authoritative—which ultimately set her apart. And the rest, of course, is history.

Below, Cheah reveals what exactly it took to build her then-blog into the force it is today, her honest opinion on the word influencer, and the breathing technique she uses when stress creeps up in the workplace.