7 Times We Loved Our Bodies That Had Nothing to Do With Weight

Just like a codependent relationship, so much of American women's daily moods and confidence levels hinge on whether or not they feel good about their weight. Despite all the extraordinary things our bodies can do—heal broken bones, fight illness, grow babies, and shoot them out of our nether regions—we've been brainwashed to think that whether or not we look flat-stomached is more important than all of that. Ugh would be an understatement.

This month on Byrdie, we've been writing a lot about how to realistically learn to love and appreciate our bodies. We asked 11 body-positive advocates to share their secrets for silencing the haters; we had 15 women share photos of their cellulite to prove how beautiful and normal it is. But today, we Byrdie editors are driving the focus away from how we look and speaking about times we loved what our bodies could accomplish in ways that have nothing to do with weight. Want to feel unwittingly inspired? Keep reading for seven stories of body confidence from Byrdie editors.

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