3 Breathing Techniques to Try When Anxiety Is Taking Over

In this fast-paced world, anxiety can strike at any moment—even when nothing is causing you direct stress. It’s important to remember that you’re not alone in your struggle; there are many ways to move through these incredibly common yet complicated feelings. One of the most effective methods of dealing with anxiety is by focusing on your breathing through meditation.

“Meditation decreases your heart rate, promotes relaxation, and ultimately helps you understand yourself, your reactions, and your emotions better—helping you get through everyday life with greater ease,” says Tal Rabinowitz, founder and CEO of DEN Meditation.

Rabinowitz turned to meditation as a way to cope with the stress from her former job as executive vice president of NBC Entertainment. She eventually decided to open her own meditation studio in Los Angeles, where she’s now helping major celebrities like Amanda Seyfried, Drew Barrymore, and Rachel McAdams find peace and relief from stress.

Curious as to how she does it? Allow this meditation expert to explain the breathing techniques for anxiety that really work.