Style Influencer Brittany Xavier on Why She Doesn't Look at Her Phone Before Bed

This is Doing Well, a series where we'll get a peek into the wellness routines of our favorite celebrities, athletes, social media personalities, entrepreneurs, and more. Think of it as a Proust Questionnaire—wellness style. Below, see what they have to say about their favorite workouts, self-care rituals, wellness goals, affirmations or mottos, and more. Maybe you'll find some inspiration for your own routine.

Brittany Xavier is known for her wildly popular fashion blog, but she's also made her mark on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, where she has millions of followers. When we think of cool fashion girls, she's one of the first people that comes to mind. She started her style blog in 2013 as a hobby while she had a 9-to-5 job as a marketing executive. After about a year and a half, she was able to quit her day job to focus on her growing business. And her brand has really taken off since: Xavier's worked with luxury brands like Givenchy, YSL, Marc Jacobs, and Cartier.

But Xavier isn't one of those influencers that seem a bit too cool, in addition to her styling and beauty tips, she also isn't afraid to have a little bit of fun, sharing glimpses into her life with her husband, teenage daughter, and now she has a baby on the way. She's also honestly shared some very personal stories, like how she got pregnant with her daughter at 19 while dealing with a controlling and toxic relationship.

She's not afraid to take herself too seriously on social media (her TikTok account will just bring you so much joy), and she's also not afraid to keep it real and share very vulnerable parts of her life. It's all refreshing, because a dose of reality is much needed when it comes to highly curated, styled, and unrealistic social media feeds.

So we were so excited when Xavier recently filled out our Doing Well questionnaire and gave us a sneak peek into her wellness routine. See what she had to say below, from her favorite workout to her self-care go-tos.

The first thing I do when I wake up is: Brush and floss my teeth. I'm a fanatic about extra clean teeth—I can't eat or do anything else before that step.

My go-to meal before work is: Half of an avocado with two hardboiled eggs (with yolk) mixed together with cayenne and black pepper on top.

My favorite workout is: Currently, I'm doing prenatal workouts, and I really enjoy the leg and lower back workouts that also give a nice stretch to my lower back. It's a nice way to start my day.

Something that always puts me in a good mood: When I have a notification that a new episode from my favorite podcasts is released. Some of my favorite true crime podcasts are Dateline, Crime Junkie, and Red Collar.

My favorite feel-good Instagram accounts to follow: @whowhatwear, @foundr, @betches

My must-have beauty/self-care products are:

This is clean and ultra-relaxing with the scent of eucalyptus.

It's an amazingly nourishing face oil that's pregnancy safe—I use it every night.

A non-chemical way to treat acne, I use this at least three times a week.

My favorite self-care ritual is: An early morning workout followed up with 20 minutes of stretching.

The one thing I do to wind down is: No phone or screen time an hour before bed. I make tea and read to relax.

My ideal chill at-home fit is: An ultra-soft sweatsuit. I'm loving the ones from Boys Lie.

My favorite thing about myself is: I leave room to be spontaneous and don't get stressed if things don't go to plan.

The one wellness goal I want to accomplish this year: To get consistent nine hours of sleep each night. It's been going well for the past month but I would be very happy if I could continue it for a full year.

An affirmation/motto I live by: "I am worthy and I am enough."

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