Fit GIF: These 8 Moves Are Like Yoga on Caffeine

If you've ever done a Chaturanga, then you're aware of how intense yoga can be. It's not just breathing and stretching—it's a full body tone-up (we have some visual proof if you don't believe us). We get that there are some who value a livelier workout like cardio or HIIT over yoga, so for those people (and, if we're being honest, those who are already fans of the yoga practice), we have something new to unveil: Bulldog Yoga. The namesake brand describes it as "dialed-up" moves for an extra cardio and strengthening challenge. The instructors take a simple yoga move and elevate the difficulty by targeting certain muscles. Bulldog studios are currently only located in Villanova, Pennsylvania, and Boulder, Colorado, but you don't need to live near either city to reap the benefits. Below, the brand has put together eight handy moves you can do from the comfort of your own home. Just watch, learn, and go! Let's get to it, shall we?