Zen Out Your Morning Routine With These 3 Products

Mornings—whether you love ’em, hate ’em, or something in between, we can all agree that your morning routine has the power to set the tone of your entire day. We like to envision ourselves meditating peacefully before sipping a matcha and reflecting on our intentions every morning, but reality often looks more like wet hair and a protein bar. If, like us, you’re seeking small ways to help you simplify and calm your a.m. routine, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the products below, and you’ll master the morning in minutes.

An Alarm That Won't Stress You Out

Is it shocking to anyone that incessant beeping from your iPhone results in a stressful wake up every morning? Upgrade your routine with a sunrise stimulating alarm clock instead. This option from Phillips gradually wakes you up with natural light and the sound of birds chirping.

The Most Stylish Pill Case Ever

We’re big fans of health supplements, but sometimes it’s daunting to organize—and remember—all the pills you need to pop each morning. Not to mention the collection of unsightly bottles clutters up your precious counter space (gasp!). Expedite your process with a pill case like this gorgeous, modern option from MM Objects. Made out of stainless steel and black marble, it’s pretty enough to leave out all the time, and it (almost) guarantees you’ll remember to take your meds.

Fresh Juice that Takes Zero Effort

We love to make our own juice, but some mornings it is just not happening. While there are a bunch of great cold-pressed juices to grab these days, one of our new favorite companies is Juice So Good. Made with 100% juice, they’re vegan, all-natural, non-GMO—all the good stuff you want. Plus, they have cute names like “Juicy Roots” and “Happy Green,” and it’s just hard to be grumpy when faced with such a cheeky moniker.

Do you have any other morning routine hacks to share? We love to hear your tips!

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