7 Things You Didn't Know About Candles and How to Burn Them

Candles can do no wrong. Well, except for burn too fast. Candles are a permanent fixture in my beauty routine in the evenings. The first thing I do when I come home every evening is light a candle and then start my nighttime skincare regimen. Everything from their heavenly scents to the flickering wick calms me and eases me right into relaxation mode. Collectively, every beauty lover I know hoards candles—you just can't get enough of them. Since I depend on candles to set the tone for good vibes, I genuinely get a little sad when the burn goes fast. Sometimes, tossing out a candle just feels wrong. 

Are you burning it wrong? Are you taking cure of your candle the proper way? Did you buy the wrong kind of candle? and Should I not toss this? are probably all of the questions you ask yourself when you think your candle is on its last leg. There are many under-the-radar candle tips that'll ensure you have a steady burn. Brady Heyen, the brand experience manager, at Paddywax, one of the most established Nashville-based candle companies you've probably seen at Urban Outfitters or one of your other favorite retail stores, shared with us everything there is to know about candles. From how to burn them evenly to repurposing them for your succulents, candle school is in session below.