8 Gifts for the Cannabis-Curious

As I perused a colorful array of CBD products at my local MedMen a few days ago, I was overcome by the thought of just how quickly things can change. This has been a landmark year for cannabis, particularly in my current home of California: This time last year, the state was just on the verge of going recreational. Twelve months later, the market is expanding at a breakneck pace—and many other states are set to follow suit.

Most importantly, though, this wave of legalization has inspired a wave of education around cannabis that is slowly but surely chipping away at any residual stigmas that still cloud its many wellness benefits. Because of that, chances are that at least one person on your list would be stoked to unwrap a weed-themed gift this year. (My mom will be getting some CBD items in her stocking. See above re: how quickly things can change.)

From a scented candle to CBD gumdrops, shop our favorite cannabis gifts below.

'Tis the season to be a little extra.

Our favorite weed-centric trend: Pretty pipes that double as home décor.

Slip these sweets into the stocking of that friend (or—ahem—parent) who's thinking about dabbling in CBD. For what it's worth, they're as delicious as they are soothing.

MedMen—the self-described "Apple store of weed"—just upped its game with Statemade, its sleek new in-house line. Customers can choose from pens, tinctures, flower, and pre-rolls crafted around their desired state of mind. (One caveat: You'll only be able to shop the collection at a MedMen store near you.)

For the vibe without the high, Boy Smells' Kush candle is one of our very favorites from the cult-beloved brand. Although, be warned: The blend of suede, musk, tulip, and amber is downright intoxicating.

Our friends at Y7 Yoga and cannabis education platform Nice Paper have joined forces for two must-have CBD products: a bath soak and a balm, both crafted to help soothe sore muscles post-sweat. 

Dosist's user-friendly vaporizers are perfect for anyone venturing into the world of THC-centric cannabis (read: the psychoactive compound of the plant). These pens buzz when you've hit the recommended dose, so you'll never overdo it. Plus you can choose between a variety of CBD-to-THC ratios depending on personal preference and desired effect.

L.A. massage destination The Now recently unveiled a luscious new CBD balm infused with soothing peppermint oil—something you can request as part of your rubdown or take home from the boutique's store. Not in the L.A. area? Give The Now a call to request a mail order. 

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