6 Cannabis Products That Make Good Sex Even Better

There's a kind of kismet to the simultaneous rise of the sexual wellness and cannabis industries. Not only are these two markets alike in that they've both defied decades of stigma and misinformation, but they're also synergistic: Science suggests that cannabis can temper period-related pain, increase libido, and even make it easier to orgasm.

That's why it's no surprise that there's a growing crop of cannabis products specifically formulated for a better time in the bedroom—and that's especially true of personal lubricants that promise to enhance sensation. In other words, getting your vagina high might be the answer to your best sex ever.

One very important disclaimer: Most oils are not compatible with condoms because they wear down the latex, leaving them vulnerable to break. If you rely on condoms as a method of birth control and want to try an intimate cannabis product, your best bet is to stick with a water-based lube or any of the orally administered products listed below.

This potent cocktail of healing oils was crafted to boost sensation and alleviate any potential sex-related irritation all in one go. Jasmine and cannabis oils offer an aphrodisiac effect while coconut and argan oils keep things smooth and moisturized. 

Not all highs are conducive to getting in the mood (unless that mood is falling asleep to Netflix), but the cannabis in Dosist's Passion vape pen was specifically chosen for its euphoric effect. Start with one dose to see how it amplifies your next romp.

It's difficult to consider the intersection of cannabis and sexual wellness without immediately thinking of Foria, whose sleek (and highly effective) products have earned a cult following. Consider the brand's Pleasure Within spray, which combines a potent dose of THC with organic coconut oil for a next-level experience. (Trust us: You can definitely feel this one working.)

For those curious about going the edibles route, this tea is perfectly dosed to enhance the moment without going overboard with the buzz (which would ultimately kill the mood, anyway). And there's science to back that up: Research shows that women who consumed small amounts of THC before sex reported that it enhanced the experience.

Again, using oil-based lube with latex condoms is a big no-no—which is why Kush Queen's water-based formula is a welcome alternative. (But you'll love the effects of this CBD blend no matter your preferred method of birth control.)

For those prone to yeast infections or UTIs, it's important to err on the side of caution before using any topical products since they can disrupt vaginal pH balance—in turn, making it easier for bacteria to propagate. Quim Rock's sensitive formula was created with this in mind: It only contains three ingredients, so you don't have to worry about any phantom substances disrupting things down there.

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