My Contacts Gave Me a Corneal Ulcer—Here's How to Avoid It

I've suffered from two major corneal ulcers in my life. And both times were equally painful. I've had bad eyesight my whole life, so I've had to wear glasses and contacts. When you wear contacts every single day, you're bound to take a snooze or two in your contacts. And when I fell asleep in my contacts, I suffered the worst consequence.

Imagine waking up and not being able to open one of your eyes. My right eye was in excruciating pain, and my vision was blurry. The level of pain was skyrocketing every second, so I had no choice but to rush to the hospital. The doctor gave me numbing cream to ease the pain and sent me to an optometrist, who later told me I had over 22 tiny scratches on my cornea.

So you don't have to deal with the same immeasurable pain that is a corneal ulcer, take the time to educate yourself on everything there is to know to avoid them. Ophthalmologist Alberto Distefano, MD, of Yale School of Medicine has a guidebook on all things you need to know.