How Turning My Phone on Do Not Disturb in the Morning Changed My Life

From the second I rolled over to silence my alarm in the morning, I'd consistently check every single buzz that signaled a new text message notification on my phone. On average, I wake up to 25 to 30 new texts, and more roll in like clockwork from the moment I'm awake to the second I close my eyes at night. My email inbox operates at an even faster speed. My phone and I would be deeply attached to each other all day until my eyes essentially got too heavy, forcing me to go to sleep. In total (including group chats), I receive over 150 to 200 texts every day, and I've stopped counting with my email.

The phone attachment issue was one thing, but how it made me feel was another. Research shows that checking notifications can trigger loads of stress, and looking first thing in the morning gives you a higher chance of feeling unhappy. I'd go to bed drained and depleted from the emotionally heavy, one-sided nature of my conversations every day. If I had to put a number on it, I'd say over 85% of my texts didn't concern me, but others and how I could help them. From friends venting to me about their problems to people I've barely ever talked to asking me to help them with something, my phone became a serious source of stress.