25 Cheap Yoga Pants That Still Look Expensive

20 Cheap Yoga Pants That Won't Go Sheer During a Workout



Listen, we love expensive activewear as much as the next person. You might be dropping mad money on a pair of leggings or a sports bra, but for the most part, you know that you're getting quality stuff. That being said, some of us can't stock up on 10 pairs of $100 leggings. We like to mix high and low, and luckily, there are some very affordable options that look and work just as good as the expensive ones.

We rounded up some of the best affordable yoga pants out there on the internet below. Namaste.

These look like your average, run-of-the-mill workout leggings, but when you look closer, the subtle perforated details set them apart. There's a small coin pocket in the front so you can stash some cash or a hair tie.

These leggings are described as "squat-proof," meaning you can get into some intricate poses without having to worry about their durability or sheer factor. One reviewer says that it's at the "sweet spot of quality and price."

We have three words for you: hidden smartphone pocket. Keep your cell tucked away when you're on the go. 

These might seem like regular black leggings, but if you look closely there's a leopard mesh detail on the legs. The material is 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

We like that these compression leggings have slits at the front hem for breathability and comfort. Even better, there's a zip pocket in the back waistband and hidden pockets at the hips. Who needs a gym bag?

If you really want to stand out in yoga class, these camo-print leggings are just the ticket. The high-waisted cut sculpts and provides comfort and support, so you can get into the most challenging pose without worrying about the waistband slipping down.

If you prefer full-length leggings instead of the 7/8 versions, these are a good option. Reviewers like that this style is sculpting and flattering but still comfortable.

These yoga pants from H&M have an opening for heels and non-slip protectors on the sole so you don't have to worry about losing your grip during a pose.

Made of soft cotton, these leggings are comfy enough to wear to yoga class and for lounging all day long. This pair also has a cool ladder trim detail near the ankles.

A sporty stripe is a fun nostalgic look, reminiscent of retro track pants. There's a matching sports bra, too, if you want to complete the outfit.

With a drawstring, you can cinch or loosen these leggings depending on your comfort. There's a built-in hidden pocket at the back of the waistband, too.

The two-tone scallop detail is an added bonus on these lightweight, moisture-wicking leggings. One reviewer said she liked the "mermaid" look of them and found them comfortable and stretchy.

If you prefer more of a looser fit for your practice, these highly rated boot-cut pants are a good option. They're not too baggy, either.

The side ruching in the legs is a nice detail on these leggings. Reviewers like the soft, breathable fabric and fun colors.

Made of fast-drying fabric, this eye-catching pair can withstand the hottest yoga classes. There's a key pocket in the waistband so you can't travel light when you're headed to the gym or studio.

This colorful pair was made for someone who isn't afraid of a bold pattern. The leggings are made with Aerie's "Feel Cool" fabric, which gives medium support but is super smooth. Reviewers love that the leggings are stretchy yet offer support and are squat-proof.

You really can't go wrong with these under-$15 leggings. Reviewers have said they're soft and comfortable.

For a cropped fit, these blush pink tights are stylish and functional. They have a high waist and ribbed waist panel for extra comfort. 

These are another pair with a fun detail near the ankle. One reviewer wrote, "They're incredibly lightweight, super super soft and silky, and ridiculously stretchy and movable. My first intention for them was for working out and all the squatting and moving around I do makes these even more amazing because they move with your body and there is absolutely no restriction. And they are not see-through!"

These are high-waisted and capri length, and you can't beat the price on. This pair is also made of moisture-wicking fabric.

If you normally wear all-black to the gym, why not step outside your comfort zone and try a tie-dye design? It's also available in navy.

These mid-rise yoga pants with a roll-over waistband are for those who prefer a loose fit. Plus, they make great lounge pants, too.

Mesh panels seem to not be going anywhere right now, and we can't say we hate it. The cool detail is both stylish and practical—some breathability can make a big difference during a grueling workout. These leggings also come in aqua blue.

These leggings will hug and support your body, allowing you to move freely. Reviewers like the comfort and fit of this pair.

The lace-up detail makes these solid-colored leggings stand out. There's also a sizable pocket, perfect for holding keys and some cash.

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