25 Cheap Yoga Pants That Still Look Expensive

20 Cheap Yoga Pants That Won't Go Sheer During a Workout



Listen, we love expensive activewear as much as the next person. You might be dropping mad money on a pair of leggings or a sports bra, but for the most part, you know that you're getting quality stuff. That being said, some of us can't stock up on 10 pairs of $100 leggings. We like to mix high and low, and luckily, there are some very affordable options that look and work just as good as the expensive ones.

We rounded up some of the best affordable yoga pants out there on the internet below. Namaste.

These are made of soft jersey, which means they're EXTRA comfortable. Side pockets make it easy to store your keys, phone, and credit card.

These leggings are described as "squat-proof," meaning you can get into some intricate poses without having to worry about their durability or sheer factor. One reviewer says that it's at the "sweet spot of quality and price."

We have three words for you: hidden smartphone pocket. Keep your cell tucked away when you're on the go. 

Everyone needs a pair of classic black leggings in their activewear wardrobe. This high-rise pair is made of 89% and 11% spandex.

These high-compression leggings are perfect for both yoga class and HIIT sessions. They're breathable and sweat-wicking, too.

Try these leggings if you prefer a shorter fit. They have a cool macrame-like detail, which also provides some breathability.

If you prefer full-length leggings instead of the 7/8 versions, these are a good option. Reviewers like that this style is sculpting and flattering but still comfortable.

These pants from H&M have a cool wraparound waistband detail. The fabric is fast-drying, so you can wear it to hot yoga. 

I love experimenting with patterns when it comes to my activewear. These crops have a cool tie dye-like detail. 

These snakeskin leggings are definitely a statement. The seamless design is so soft and comfortable—the flexible fit makes it easy to get into just about any pose.

You won't have to worry about chafing with these smoothing leggings. The wide waistband is extra comfortable, while the back pocket makes it easy to store small items.

The mesh detail makes these leggings so breathable so you won't overheat. The lightweight fabric is soft and stretchy.

If you prefer more of a looser fit for your practice, these highly rated boot-cut pants are a good option. They're not too baggy, either.

These are designed especially for yoga—they're breathable, soft, and have moisture-wicking technology.

You won't find too many seams on these leggings, which is intentional to make it easier for you to move freely.

These leggings have a unique lace-up front so you can customize your fit.

You really can't go wrong with these under-$15 leggings. Reviewers have said they're soft and comfortable.

For a sculpted fit, these are your best bet. They're made of fast-drying fabric and have a comfortable, high waistband.

These leggings literally feel like a hug—they're made with Aerie's "Hugger" fabric. They're great to wear in chillier months since they're designed to be warm.

The colorblock detail is eye-catching and a lot of fun. It has a high-rise banded waist and is made of 100% nylon.

With a zip pocket in the back, these leggings are perfect if you're on-the-go, since you can store your keys and a credit inside.

These mid-rise yoga pants with a roll-over waistband are for those who prefer a loose fit. Plus, they make great lounge pants, too.

With a fun, sporty stripe, these leggings have a retro feel. You'll get a medium compression fit with this pair.

These leggings will hug and support your body, allowing you to move freely. Reviewers like the comfort and fit of this pair.

From far away these look like your normal workout leggings, but when you look closer there are perforated and mesh details.

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