5 Things That Happened When I Started (Really) Listening



Are you a good listener? I wasn’t for 27 years, but I am now—when I try really hard to be. The problem was I didn’t know what listening was. I thought it meant closing your mouth, making subtle acknowledgement grunts, and contemplating your own mind-blowing wisdom before finding the perfect moment to interject your voice. I didn’t realize that listening to someone else means you have to quiet your own thoughts and be there with the other person. I didn’t realize you had to hear more than the beginning and end of sentences.

I feel pretty bad about this. In 27 years, I probably non-listened to thousands of people! What did I miss? I would be so much wiser! Kinder! More compassionate! If only. As you can probably imagine, I didn’t just roll out of bed one morning and decide to become a better listener. My shift in thinking was thanks to one wise teacher and an intense self-discovery course. Keep reading to learn how listening deeply changed everything for me.