Try This Couples Workout With Your S.O. This Valentine's Day



You know what they say about couples who work out together? Nothing, actually, but partnering with an exercise buddy has been shown in studies to improve the likelihood that you will stick to a fitness regimen—particularly if that person is emotionally supportive. So whether you’re looking for a healthy way to spend more time with your S.O. this Valentine’s Day or want some fresh workout ideas to try with your BFF, this full-body circuit from online fitness program FitazFK is a great place to start.

Here’s how it works: Begin with a five-minute stretch and warm-up. Decide who is person A and who is person B and begin with the first exercise. Person A should be completing exercise 1a, and person B should be completing 1b.

Next, set a stopwatch for one minute and complete 14 reps of the first exercise. If you finish early, you get the remainder of the minute to rest before starting the next minute and swapping exercises (so that person A is doing exercise 1b and person B is doing exercise 1a).

Complete three sets of each exercise before moving onto 2a and 2b, and so forth. This couple-friendly variation of the FitazFK method keeps you in the ultimate fat-burning zone while increasing your metabolic rate to keep you burning calories for hours after you leave the gym.

For more heart-pumping workout ideas, visit the FitazFK website.

Ready, set, work out!