21 Wellness Finds to Make Your House a Little Cozier

21 Wellness Finds to Make Your House a Little Cozier


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It's hibernation season, everyone. No matter where you live, the cooler temps make you want to spend so much more time at home. And if you're going to be spending more quality time at home, you're going to want to make it as cozy and comfortable as possible.

So we've taken the liberty of rounding up some of our favorite cozy finds with a wellness bent for inspiration. Add a few (or all, if you're feeling it) of these to your space, and it'll make hibernation time so much more enjoyable, relaxing, and a little healthier.

This isn't your average mug: It's self-warming. You don't have to worry about microwaving your tea or coffee over and over again. The battery-operated mug keeps your drinks hot for one and a half hours on a single charge, all controlled through your smartphone.

Get a much-needed nap and stay warm with the coziest throw blanket. This cable-knit one is as soft as your warmest sweater.

It can be so easy to default to greasy takeout every night if you're staying in, but the Instant Pot might make you want to make more nutritious, home-cooked meals. There are so many easy recipes out there that you don't have to be a talented cook to create some delicious and healthy dishes.

Great for decompressing after a long day at work, or for pain relief from cramps or muscle soreness, a heating pad can work wonders. And this cutesy llama one is just so dang cheerful.

Not only do plants provide some décor, but they also have some health benefits, such as improving air quality. Plus, if you're not going outside that much this time of year, it's still nice to bring the outdoors in. ZZ plants can still thrive in low-light conditions, so this one is good for the winter, when you might not get as much sun in your space. 

When the weather outside is frightful, you're definitely less likely to head to the gym or fitness studio. But that doesn't mean you can't get moving at home. A yoga mat gives you no excuse—this one works for other exercises as well, like Pilates or ab workouts.

Sometimes the reason you're not getting great sleep is because your bed isn't the most comfortable. Make sure you have a warm and cozy duvet to fight off any cold temps. 

Okay, you might be thinking, "How is a vacuum cozy?" And it's not, but when you're spending more and more time at home, you want to keep it clean. The air can get drier and dust can accumulate in the winter months thanks to the heater. 

A little bit of self-care goes a long way. This kit gives you everything you need to soothe any dry, wintry skin problems: a moisturizing body polish, hydrating face mist, and lip conditioner.

This device not only purifies the air but also has a space heater function so you can keep your room warm and cozy but free of allergens and dust. It also has a sleep timer and automatic shutoff. It's worth splurge—it can be used year-round since it also has a cooling feature, too.

Scents can really boost your mood, and what better (and easier) way to do that than with a candle? Light this woodsy candle, and then sit back and prepare for a relaxing night in.

Say bye to stress with this massage pillow that also heats up. This smart device will provide some sweet relief after a long day. You can reduce muscle tension and shoulder and neck pain.

Your cozy night in just got easier with this kit. All you have to do is add Netflix (or insert favorite streaming platform here). The kit comes with a mug, candle, socks, sleep mask, and mindfulness puzzle.

If you're missing out on daylight and feel the effects of seasonal affective disorder, a light therapy device might help boost your mood. This one mimics a bright, sunny day and has three different modes.

When you're trying to lay off the caffeine and don't want the sugary-ness of hot cocoa, herbal tea fits the bill. There's nothing like a calming cup of tea to lift your spirits.

Like the yoga mat above, it's still easy to get a quick workout in without leaving the warmth of your home. This set comes with three different-size pairs of weights so you can switch up your workouts.

Any self-care night in requires a fluffy, warm robe. Treat yourself to a brand-new one. This super-soft striped one comes with a hood.

To make some warm drinks with ease, you're going to need a trusty kettle. This one comes with a removable filter and has an automatic shutoff.

Reap the relaxing, anti-anxiety benefits of essential oils through aromatherapy. A diffuser makes it super easy—all you have to do is put a few drops of your favorite oil inside and you're set. This one has seven color-changing lamps, a nightlight, programmable on/off cycles, and automatic shutoff.

Keep warm when you're lounging around the house or when you're sleeping with cozy socks. And what's more luxe than a pair in the softest cashmere?

This set is pure relaxation in a box. To sleep better, mist the Deep Sleep Pillow spray on your pillow to help you get some z's, and use the aromatherapy rollerball for a calming effect. 

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