This New Crystal Treatment Is About to Blow Up Your Instagram


Pistil Nursery

Ask any energy healer, holistic therapist, or resident of a hip L.A. neighborhood, and they will extol the virtues of crystals, raving about their ability to heal, energize, and calm both the mind and body (not to mention realign the chakras—more on that here).

Although there’s little scientific evidence to support the energy effects of crystals, they’re definitely welcome additions to our living spaces. First, there’s the obvious aesthetic appeal. As I write this, I think of the white fluorite and amethyst that take my messy bookshelf from a piece of furniture filled with papers, old textbooks, and warped novels to something more, well, elevated. But second, and most importantly, there’s the possibility of increased emotional and physical well-being. Why not give them a shot?

That seems to be the cultural consensus as of late because crystals have gone mainstream. Take Modrn Sanctuary, an alternative medicine studio located in New York, which now offers Crystal Bed Therapy. A 25- to 45-minute session “promotes emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing.” One editor from The Cut, Allie Jones, went to try it out for herself. The verdict? It’s just as interesting as it sounds. Keep reading to hear about her crystal bed therapy experience.

This story was originally published on June 7, 2017.

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