This Meal Delivery Service Has Cut My Stress Levels in Half

I face the same conundrum every year. As the weather becomes increasingly gorgeous, I feel even more inspired than usual by all the amazing seasonal produce at my local farmers market. Yet I'd rather spend my weekends hiking, beaching, and generally hanging out outside than chopping vegetables in my kitchen as I meal-prep for the week.

When voicing this dilemma to a co-worker, she suggested I try out a meal delivery service. Truth be told, I've always been a little wary of this, even as the market has expanded to include countless options for every dietary restriction and palate. As someone who changes her mind about what to eat on a minute-to-minute basis, I don't particularly like the urgency of certain services that drop fresh ingredients on my doorstep. (What if I don't want lemongrass tofu curry that evening?) I also love the ritual of grocery shopping and would prefer to exercise control over the majority of my meals—even if I'm lazy about preparing them.

My ideal service would grant me the flexibility to change my mind about my dinner. Better yet, it would include breakfast, which is usually my most rushed meal anyway. It would need to be relatively affordable and require minimal prep time. Oh, and it would need to be health-minded and vegan-friendly. Too much to ask?

Apparently not. In a serendipitous turn of events, I connected with a rep from Daily Harvest just a few days after this exchange with my colleague, who kindly offered that I give the buzzy service a try. And in spite of my very specific stipulations, I leapt at the chance—if only because from first glance, it already seemed a little different from the brands I had encountered.

For starters, Daily Harvest's meals are farm-frozen: The company packages seasonal and superfood ingredients in extremely convenient containers that can be heated (or blended) at any time. That means I can store all my meal options in my freezer to be used whenever I want—and still have the opportunity to prep and eat fresh produce from the farmers market if I so choose. Convenience and flexibility: check, check. And as my time with Daily Harvest has continued, I've found the rest of my demands to be completely realized.