How to Use Decluttering as a Personal Therapy Session

It might be easy to assume that decluttering is a straightforward task: You're just going through your stuff and purging everything you don't need, right? But this mindset alone might be the reason we end up holding onto too much. Instead, it's important to acknowledge that the act of letting go is as emotional as it is physical—even if that seems like a melodramatic way to refer to the junk hiding in the back of your closet. (My rebuttal is this: If it's really that inconsequential, then why is it still there?)

The best part of this approach isn't just that it allows you to be more thoughtful (and in turn, more thorough) when you're going through your things. By surrendering to the catharsis of experiencing any feelings and memories you have tied to these objects, you're opening yourself up to healing—and in turn, your space will feel completely charged with that energy; as emotionally cleansed and renewed as you are.

But where to begin? To find out, we turned to Lili Pettit, organizing expert and energy healer. Keep reading for her pointers.