Demi Lovato on Her Latest Fabletics Collection, Therapy, and Jiu-Jitsu


Courtesy of Fabletics

To say Demi Lovato has established herself as a crusader for body acceptance would be like saying she can carry a tune—a huge understatement. Not only has the singer used her voice to provide us with a full-stocked playlist of confidence-boosting material to blast in our car, but she's also championed those vocals to spread awareness, honesty, and transparency on important subjects like eating disorders and other extensions of mental health—turning shadows of taboo into topics to spotlight.

So it only made sense (and the world indeed applauded) when Lovato first announced her collaboration with Kate Hudson's inclusive line of activewear, Fabletics, back in 2017. With refreshing perspective, the line offers sizes from XXS to 3X—a move that shouldn't feel unexpected or ground-breaking, but when compared to the unrealistic sizing constraints of other popular athleticwear brands, it is.

"I wanted to partner with Fabletics because they are so inclusive, and that is very important to me," says Lovato. "The collection ranges in sizes and is designed with every shape, style, and activity in mind."

Inspired by her life on the road and active lifestyle, Demi's newest collection (and her third collaboration with the brand) capitalizes on the same pillars of universally flattering designs and wearable sizes while incorporating bold details like striking color combinations, metallic accents, and textured pops of mesh. The collection features a variety of tops, sports bras, leggings, shorts, layering pieces, footwear, and even athletic bags catering to ultimate versatility. (After all, athleticwear should be chic and sweat-friendly, right?)

"I love starting my day with a workout," the singer tells us. "It's a great way to feel good physically and mentally, so I always just try to remember to get it in. Exercise helps me so much mentally and physically. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is something I've fallen in love with and really keeps me grounded. I also say self-affirmations every morning." But as a constantly on-the-go entertainer, we were left wondering: How does the singer prioritize amid a busy lifestyle?

"I have a trainer who comes on the road with me to keep me in shape. We mix it up in the gym and sometimes just improvise where we are. And then, when I'm on tour, we will sometimes use the stairs, but I low-key don't like cardio very much," she laughs.

To which we say: relatable. But back to mental health for a minute, as we recently learned the singer plans to offer free therapy sessions to fans before concerts, further epitomizing her commitment to raising awareness about mental health. Inspired, we were curious to know what sparked the initiative.

"I actually went to CAST for treatment and became a co-owner. Everyone can always better themselves, so I thought this was a great way to help reach my fans. I want to continue to help inspire people to be the best versions of themselves."

And be that via a fresh new closet of clothes (because, yes, it's so much more exciting to work out if you feel good in what you're wearing) or openly exploring and advocating an honest road to self-acceptance, it's safe to say Demi Lovato is succeeding.

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