I Started Drinking a Detox Shake Every Day, and This Is What Happened

When I first met Gabrielle Francis, ND, it felt like my health was beyond my control. I was a graduate student at Columbia with no room in my schedule for self-care. I was also stressed AF basically all the time.

I joke about my "near-aneurysm" baseline back then, but in all seriousness, my unsustainable lifestyle was causing my health to deteriorate. During my 20s, I dealt with adrenal dysfunction, inflammation that left me visibly puffy, hormonal fluctuations up the wazoo, low thyroid function, as well as anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia.

It all changed when I met Francis. Along with her wisdom, guidance, endless patience, and gentle encouragement, I began to start making sustainable changes in my life. The very first was committing to drinking a detox shake each morning as part of my holistic treatment plan. Throughout the ups and downs of grad school—falling off the wellness wagon and then getting back on—my adherence to Francis's detox shake regimen was constant.

There were other changes, too—like taking naturally compounded phyto-T3/T4, following an anti-inflammatory diet, regular acupuncture appointments, and more—but for a long time, that detox shake was what kept my commitment to my wellness an everyday decision.

Until I moved to California, that is.