A Gut Expert Wants You to Make This Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinner

For me, there are two types of weeknight cooking. The first one involves a lengthy amount of time in the kitchen cutting vegetables and preparing sauces. This kind of cooking results in a healthy and sumptuous meal. Cool, right? Not exactly. After making it, eating it, and cleaning up from it, it's basically midnight. The other kind of cooking involves none at all—I either spend money on takeout or create a strange medley of opposing leftovers (this usually happens after a particularly long or lazy day).

Long story short: I haven’t mastered the art of weeknight cooking—it’s either all or nothing. That’s why I was so psyched to come across an easy and delicious recipe from Vincent M. Pedre, MD, who shared his go-to dinner with MindBodyGreen. Oh, and it’s healthy too. Pedre is a gut expert, and this dinner is only made with foods that encourage the good bacteria to flourish, thereby supporting good digestion. Keep scrolling to see his recipe!

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