Do We Really Need Vitamins? A Nutritionist Tells All

Don’t you feel like you’ve been told to take your vitamins since you were a little kid? Same. Growing up, it’s one of those things you don’t question; you just do it because you think you’re supposed to. My precious mother would set my multivitamin out on the kitchen counter for me every single morning (bless her heart).

But now I am a grown adult and don’t get that special treatment anymore. In the grand scheme of our busy lives, remembering to take vitamins every day is hard. Adding that one extra thing to do our to-do list makes us question whether or not we even need vitamins. On top of that, things get a little fuzzy walking down the vitamin aisle since there are countless options. You can read a bunch of labels and still not know which vitamins you should actually take. We tapped five experts to school us on the importance of vitamins.

Read on for their take on everything vitamins will do for your body.