5 Simple Tricks for Eating Healthy During the Holidays



Many of us will probably agree that the holiday season is basically one big diet booby trap. It starts with Halloween candy, moves through the potato-and-pie extravaganza that is Thanksgiving, and ends with the cookie-and-booze fest that is Christmas. It's such a nutritional wreck that a lot of folks just give up entirely on the quest to eat healthy during the holidays. But dietitians agree that there is 100% a way to indulge in your favorite holiday treats without giving up all your nutrition goals for two months straight.

"We can totally realistically eat healthy during the holidays," affirms Shelley A. Rael, an Albuquerque-based registered dietitian. How? First of all, we can stop approaching holiday events where food will be present with anxiety and instead go in with the following easy, doable advice in mind. Keep scrolling for five nutritionist-approved tips for eating healthy during the holidays.