This Wellness Expert "Diagnosed" Me Just By Looking at a Selfie


Zara Home

I've soaked in the good vibrations of several sound baths; my home is scattered with healing crystals. But when I was invited to try a session with energy healer Carolyn Harrington, even I had to raise a skeptical eyebrow. It wasn't necessarily the idea of someone mapping out my personal "energy field" that gave me pause—it was more so the fact that Harrington would be doing so not in person, but just by looking at my photo.

I couldn't help but address this anomaly straight away when I connected with Harrington over the phone for my consultation and was immediately struck by her matter-of-fact demeanor. Her background is in science and technology, a fascinating (and somewhat refreshing) departure from the more woo-woo-leaning crowd that generally dominates Los Angeles's wellness scene. "I'm a software engineer by trade, so the research and science is really something I love," she says.

What's more interesting still is just how long she's been doing it. Alternative wellness is only just beginning to touch the mainstream, yet Harrington traces her foray into the more unconventional profession of energy healing back 20 years to her daughter's infancy. After her baby had a series of heart surgeries and Harrington herself was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis around the same time, she began to voraciously read up on natural and alternative healing methods to complement the more modern treatments she and her daughter were undergoing. "I really had to boost her immune system," she says. "It became my passion. I got certified in natural healing techniques and learned as much as I could. And it turned out that I really have a knack for it."

One of the healing methods that piqued her interest most was something called Total Body Analysis, an advanced form of applied kinesiology also known as muscle testing. "We are energy beings—we have energy going through our bodies all the time," Harrington explains. "If energy is allowed to flow without anything hindering it, we would be in perfect health." Instead, anything from toxins to a bad diet or even our thoughts can disrupt this energy flow. These disruptions can then be detected by a skilled energy reader like Harrington, which in turn might lead to a diagnosis, allowing the patient to restore balance again.

But the question still remained—how would Harrington be able to pick up these vibrations just by looking at the photo I sent her? Keep scrolling to see how the whole experience played out, from reading to diagnosis to aftermath.