These 9 Expert-Approved Epsom Salt Uses Will Change Your Wellness Routine

Epsom salt is ages old and has humbly kept its place in the bathroom cabinets of celebs, professional athletes, and probably even your grandma, too. Speaking of grandmas, I know my own considers Epsom salt to be an end-all cure. She uses it to garden, to do laundry, and pretty much to do everything else, too. So while I've been in close proximity to it my whole life, I've never actually taken advantage of the myriad benefits behind it. To be honest, I didn't actually know that much about it at all—like what it's actually made of.

According to dermatologist William Kwan, "Epsom salt is mostly comprised of magnesium sulfate and really contains no salt. People have been using Epsom salts for health and beauty for hundreds of years." Since it's soluble, the magnesium becomes dissolved in whatever water it comes in contact with. It's this fact that Sarah Snyder, founder and aesthetician of Apothecary Company, says makes Epsom salt so useful. "Your body is able to soak up that magnesium in the Epsom salt through your largest organ (your skin), sometimes even better than if you were to take it internally," she says. "Many people are very deficient in magnesium these days, and the more stress you have in your life, chances are that you are deficient as well since the body burns through magnesium more quickly with higher amounts of stress. So getting it in through an Epsom salt bath is a super-easy way to get additional magnesium into your system." From there, the benefits are manifold.