Here's What This Health Coach Eats to Nourish Her Body and Soul

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Courtesy of Kiara Schwartz

The term "diet culture" exists for a reason. Every day, we're inundated with ads about the latest "life-changing" cleanse or diet, weight loss narratives oftentimes laced with pervasive and toxic language, before-and-after photos… The list goes on. But there are experts, like Erin Treloar, a celebrity health coach and the founder of Raw Beauty Co., who are on a mission to change our mindset and destigmatize the mental and physical impact that diet culture has had on us.

Since 2014, Treloar has helped hundreds of women improve their relationships with food and their bodies through self-love, nourishment, and empowerment. And when it comes to her own lifestyle, the health coach practices what she preaches by taking a "non-diet" approach to eating.

Take a page from Treloar's guide to eating well below.

My Food Philosophy

After struggling with an eating disorder in my teens and early 20s, I now take a non-diet approach to eating, which means without food restrictions and in alignment with my body’s hunger and fullness cues. I eat intuitively, and I've learned to notice when I’m hungry and will honor my body by nourishing it and then stopping when I’m full. This style of eating is what helped me overcome the cycle of dieting and bingeing that I was stuck in, and now I have the opportunity to teach it to others through the Raw Beauty Reset.

To me, food is primarily fuel but also pleasure and connection. For a really long time, food was an emotional crutch through which I channeled my stress, anxiety, happiness, and uncertainty.  I restricted myself in an attempt to gain a sense of control over my body and life, and I binged/overate to suppress difficult emotions I wasn’t ready to process.

Over time, I've stopped weighing myself, and I have let go of the "good" and "bad" food lists. I was so afraid that letting go of the rules and calorie counting would mean losing control of my body entirely.  What I actually found to be true was that my body was finally able to relax, and it barely changed at all.

I think it's important to worry less about the food philosophy of others and more about the food philosophy that will work best for your unique body.  Below are some questions that helped me define my own food philosophy:

Can I recognize when my body is hungry and full?
What foods do I enjoy eating? 
Are there any foods that make me feel physically sick or unwell?
Are there foods that I do or do not eat based on my personal values?
Which foods help me feel clear-headed, energized, and satiated?

I'm so happy to say that in my life diets are OUT, food is back IN, and life feels so much better because of it.

Where I Shop

In this season of my life, I am all about online grocery shopping, and my absolute favorite place to order from is the Vancouver-based Legends Haul. Its consciously sourced ingredients support local farmers, producers, and restaurants. Its produce is also primarily organic, and I love that it was picked from farms in the community hours before landing in my home. It also helps that the owners are a cool couple with young kids who are always thinking about how to make food sourcing sustainable for the next generation.

Keep scrolling to see some of my weekly grocery essentials from Legends and beyond.

My Grocery Haul

Sourdough is one of my favorite types of bread. It's not only versatile and delicious, but it's also a good option for anyone with gluten sensitivity because it's much easier to digest (than other types of bread) due to its prebiotic content.

Granny Smith apples are perfect with a spoonful of almond butter or Mumgry (see below). It's a snack with a refreshing crunch and protein to help satiate me.

This chocolate peanut butter spread is next-level and is also listed as one of Beyoncé’s favorite things!

I'm not vegan, but this popcorn is so good it might convert me. This brand makes organic and non-GMO popcorn with nooch (inactive nutritional yeast) and a blend of spices and is my ultimate salty snack.

Pumpkin seeds are crazy brain food that I love to include in my smoothies.

Made with only apples, dates, almonds, raisins, walnuts, and cinnamon, these bars are the best and quickest snacks. 

The flavored sparkling water that’s good for you. I drink mine out of a wine glass.