10 Essential Oils That Go Better Together



Gone are the days when essential oils were reserved for the DIY-crazy, granola-leaning crowd. Given the substantial scientific research to back up their efficacy for all manner of issues from anxiety to sleep to skincare, it's time to start including these potent plant concentrates in your routine if you aren't already.

But while the impressive healing qualities of certain essential oils are well noted (here's looking at you, lavender), combining different oils together is a great way to up their potency and personalize them to your particular needs. In other words, why just address poor sleep hygiene when you can also tackle stress at the same time—especially if the two issues are likely related?

With that in mind, we're offering five easy blends that even essential-oil newbies can get behind. From a DIY toner to the congestion-fighting formula you should definitely keep on hand this cold season, keep scrolling to see our go-to mixtures.