True Story: You Can Lessen Anxiety in One Minute With This Hack


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Negative emotions are a healthy part of the human experience (and in the current state of our country, we are growing more and more accustomed to them). However, no one wants to live in a permanently bummed-out state. So it's smart to arm yourself with tools for dealing with anxiety, anger, sadness, and other less-than-stellar moods in an organic way. Not all of us can afford bi-weekly psychotherapy. But luckily, there is a quicker, cheaper (and less verbal) way to reach emotional wellness. Enter: Aromatherapy.

Most of us are vaguely aware of the benefits of essential oils, but if you don't know exactly how to wield them, they can be a bit mysterious. First, let's discuss exactly what essential oils are and what they can do for your mood.

"Essential oils are the concentrated essences of plants, flowers, and resins… [and they are] able to interact with our bodies and minds in a synergistic way," explains essential oils aficionado Susan Griffin-Black, co-founder of EO Products. "When we breathe in an essential oil, we’re bringing the transformative power of nature into our bodies and minds." The idea that a scent can alter your emotional state sounds like gobbledygook, but mainstream science does offer evidence for it. "Your olfactory nerves are actually in your sinuses… they're extensions of the olfactory part of the brain," explains Hope Gillerman, founder of wellness brand H. Gillerman Organics. "When you breathe in an essential oil, you are not just enjoying the scent, you are actually ingesting the quickly evaporating microparticles into the part of your brain that controls our emotions." So used the right way, essential oils can physiologically improve your well-being—and fast.

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