So… I Think I Need an Exercise Dress

When I first got word that Outdoor Voices was launching its new trio of Exercise Dresses, I was frankly shocked by how excited I was—mainly because just a couple of years ago, I was a staunch proponent of exclusively wearing threadbare leggings and my rattiest T-shirt to the gym. My, how things have changed: I now not only understand the appeal of a kick-ass matching set and even the occasional workout onesie, but I also willingly wear these things in public, beyond the walls of my local fitness studio. We reside in an era where the line between perennially cool streetwear and activewear is irreversibly blurred, and honestly, it's pretty great. It's fun.

But I digress. Quite frankly, one of the things that excite me most about OV's new dresses is precisely the way that the brand chose to style them: with chunky socks and dad sneakers, in a glorious '80s commuter callback. I can see myself wearing one straight from a morning hike to the farmers market to, just maybe, the bar at night. Three cheers for versatility.

A few other brands are getting in on the trend, too. Shop some of the exercise dresses we've been eyeing below.