The Fall Wellness Routines Fashion Girls Are Into

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I might be biased in saying that people who work in the fashion industry are some of the busiest people (I'm a fashion editor, after all), but I think my friends and family can attest to the fact that it's a demanding industry. Between traveling the world for fashion weeks, attending press previews, and, of course, logging hours at the office, fashion editors, influencers, buyers, and bosses can't afford to neglect their mental and physical health.

To find out what my favorite wellness-minded fashion girls are focusing on this fall (and the rest of the year), we reached out to three of them—LPA's Pia Baroncini, travel, design and fashion writer Olivia Lopez, and holistic nutritionist and fashion influencer Bianca Valle. Scroll down to read about each of their fall wellness routines, from their go-to workouts to the supplements they swear by, and get inspired to recharge your own practices this season.





"I love a good, long, slow run. I try to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day." Bianca Valle, holistic nutritionist, painter, and influencer

Hot Yoga

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"I've always kept a consistent hot yoga routine, I find it so cathartic and cleansing." Olivia Lopez, author of Lust for Los Angeles and founder of Bon Weekender


"Walking. People forget we evolved walking! I have a special chiro who always tells me to just walk more. So right now I'm trying to walk at least three times a week around the Rose Bowl, and three times a week to Hot 8, my absolute favorite workout." Pia Baroncini, creative director at LPA


Moon Juice Supplements

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"Moon Juice! SuperHair, SuperYou, and Magnesi-Om have changed my life." Pia Baroncini

Women's Daily Vitamin

"I take a daily dose of women's vitamins; as for eating plan, I try to eat as Paleo as possible (without too much processed food), but I'll always make an exception for pasta." Olivia Lopez


Avoiding Overly Processed Foods

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"No plans, no diets. Just whole and natural foods from our earth. In the end, that’s what our bodies were meant to get nourishment from." Bianca Valle

Keto and Intermittent Fasting

"I have O-negative blood, so I essentially Keto-diet. I don't ever eat industrialized food. I mostly make every meal or eat at restaurants with real food. I'll have a Bulletproof coffee in the a.m., leafy greens for every meal, tons of healthy fats, clean protein (something fermented when I eat protein), no grains (maybe white rice or sweet potato), nuts, and very minimal fruit because it doesn't really serve me. If I want dessert, I have Lily's sugar-free dark chocolate with raspberries and homemade whipped cream. I also fast—no food after 8 p.m. until 2 p.m. the next day at least six days a week." Pia Baroncini


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Lopez recommends downloading the following wellness-based apps: Headspace for meditation; MyWater, which calculates your water intake; and Clue, which helps track your menstrual cycle.

Instagram Accounts

"I follow these doctors our accounts with real facts." — Pia Baroncini





Wellness Philosophies

Staying hydrated always works

"It's a tried and true trick, but staying hydrated does wonders for your skin and metabolism." — Olivia Lopez

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