We Asked the Experts: Do Fat-Burning Fruits Really Exist?

There's no shortage of myths surrounding the world of wellness and beauty. Whether it's fitness, sleep, makeup, skincare, or diet, there always seems to be new myth-busting information hitting the mainstream conscience. (Take, for instance, the 10 skincare myths we are no longer buying into.) It's hard to distinguish fact from fiction, though, unless you're weighing all the information and consulting reputable experts. That's why we reached out to two different nutritionists to ask about a newly trending topic we're seeing storm across the Internet: fat-burning fruits. Could it possibly be true that certain fruits trigger a fat-burning response in the body? If so, how and why? We were intrigued.

According to Dana James, nutritionist and founder of Food Coach, there's little to no truth in it. "There are no specific foods that burn fat. That's hype. The body burns fat or stores fat constantly throughout the day," she says. While fruit can be a healthy food group to add to a weight-loss diet, you won't see results from eating fruit alone. However, that doesn't mean there aren't certain fruits that can benefit your health as a whole. James, along with nutritionist Amy Shapiro, who is the founder and director of Real Nutrition NYC, explain.