5 Fat Burning Smoothies Nutritionists Always Recommend to Their Clients



Here at Byrdie, we staunchly believe there's no such thing as a quick-fix or miracle cure-all when it comes to weight loss and improving the health of our metabolism. After all, not only can crash diets, crazy exercise routines, and even scary things like diuretics hurt our bodies over time, they can also deprive us of so many good things in life: the freedom to indulge in a treat with friends, choosing (without guilt) to stay in and relax on a lazy Sunday morning… You get the idea. 

However, there are certain takeaways when it comes to our dietary habits that are helpful to know and can transform into mindful, energizing rituals to keep our brain, energy, and good vibes humming, which we love. And since we do go through phases of taking better care of ourselves than others, sometimes handy tips, tricks, and recipes from leading nutritionists can be an important tool to have in our repertoire.

So although we'll gladly enjoy our fall-themed cocktails and our favorites slices of seasonal pie, we're also on board with having some system-supporting smoothies on hand to keep our body's natural fat-burning mechanism (aka our metabolism) in tip-top shape. For some expert advice and much-needed inspiration, we asked five top nutritionists for their favorite fat-burning smoothie recipes. Keep reading for their tried-and-true favorites!