4 Female-Led Cannabis Companies to Support With Your Dollar


Courtesy of Miss Grass

In all honesty, the concept of 4/20 as a holiday has always made me roll my eyes. To me, it has always felt emblematic of a so-called "stoner culture" that feels both male-centric and, quite frankly, totally antiquated—the idea that those who enjoy cannabis spend their days taking bong hits and playing video games. This day has always seemed to commemorate that stereotype, which I have always kind of resented as a whole. Not only does it perpetuate the deep stigmas that have been associated with cannabis for decades, but it also does a huge disservice to those who have found relief from medical and mental conditions thanks to responsible cannabis use.

But this year feels different, and that's probably because the industry has transformed virtually overnight. As a California resident, it has been fascinating to watch this fledgling market suddenly unfold in the wake of legalization. New and innovative brands are opening their doors, and many of them are looking to redefine what it means to be a cannabis user—tired stigmas be damned. They're setting out to offer countless options for the discerning consumer who wants to know that their CBD lotion will work and contains quality-sourced ingredients but also wants the packaging to be sleek enough for their Instagram feed. Above all else, these brands want to educate the masses about the exciting science behind cannabis and clear up countless persistent myths. And it's not at all shocking that many of these brands are being led by women.

A study conducted in 2015 found that 36% of executive positions in the cannabis industry were held by women compared to a 22% average across all other industries. Just over the past few months, I've learned about dozens of new cannabis-centric beauty, wellness, and lifestyle products that feature branding that rivals some of my most covetable cosmetic products. It's clear that women are dominating the conversation in this market, which makes it all the more refreshing that women are leading that same conversation behind the scenes.

But pioneering a new industry still presents its own challenges. To learn more about what it's like to transcend old clichés and create an inclusive brand in such a rapidly evolving field, we spoke to the women behind four of the buzziest new cannabis brands on the market.