This Is the Surprising Type of Food That Fights Inflammation

Inflammation can cause everything from bloating to weight gain, disease, sleep issues, headaches, and more. After learning that fact, it's quite clear why the wellness community has turned it into something of a buzzword; the fact is that keeping excessive inflammation at bay is important to our overall health. All in all, we feel better, function better, and look better when inflammation is scarce.

One of the main ways to avoid inflammation is through our diet—by eating healthy foods that are rich in nutrients. According to The New York Times, though, there's a specific type of food that has a particularly special anti-inflammatory effect, and scientists are just now discovering how it's linked to maintaining a healthy gut. Let's just say that it's definitely not the type of food we expected to be anti-inflammatory. Keep scrolling to see which type of food you should start incorporating into your diet ASAP.


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