A Fitness Expert Shares the Simple Trick to Achieving Happiness

Alexandra Bonetti was in management consulting when she found herself at a crossroads—she was miserable at her job and wanted to start a fitness business. So she quit. Then, she spent the entirety of her savings building the studio space. So for six months, she ran the entire show—from cleaning the bathrooms to teaching all the classes to running the books. Now, Bari Studio is one of the most in-demand workouts in New York (with plans to expand). 

Bonetti stopped by College Fashionista's pop-up Clubhouse, a space for students to chill, get some work done, and find like-minded women to share networking advice and other wisdom, to explain how she got it all done. She touches on the true meaning of "being well," finding happiness, and where to start when you're feeling overwhelmed. Below, find her relatable, fascinating, and entirely real thoughts.