This Is What Your Yoga Instructor Is Really Thinking

Isn't it ironic that—figuratively speaking—the best fitness instructors never seem to sweat? I always marvel at the fact that while it takes every ounce of my focus to make my way into Warrior III, my yoga instructor manages to demonstrate the pose, offer variations and insightful instruction, and make hands-on adjustments—all in a matter of seconds—before smoothly moving on. And she makes it all look like it's no thing.

But what's really going on in her head? How much training does it take to look that at ease in front of a class full of people? Moreover, what actually goes into planning a class on a given day? To fully understand what it's like to be a fitness instructor, it only made sense to get an insider's take—and as a yogi, group fitness instructor, and personal trainer, THE/THIRTY contributor Claire Fountain certainly has ample perspective.

Keep reading to see what really goes into teaching a fitness class.