Here's What Happens When a Flywheel Addict Tries SoulCycle for the First Time

There are 30 seconds left in class, and a rush of adrenaline overtakes my entire body. I forget my problems, responsibilities, and insecurities. I focus on me. You have no limits—I repeat this to myself every time. I see my name jumping on the Torqboard (a competitive meter that tracks who has the highest points in the class), the music speakers are blasting, my legs are moving at lightning speed, and I'm pouring my very all into the bike. It's the final 10 seconds, and I completely zone out—letting go of any resistance from my body in hopes of reaching a new goal. Time's up. My legs gradually come to a halt. I look up at the board and see my score. Yes, it's significantly higher than what it was last time. I instantly feel fulfilled and proud of myself. That's the high I get from Flywheel. It's why I've been hooked for eight months.

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