PSA: Doing Reiki on the Beach Is a Pretty Stellar Way to Spend a Sunday

FP Movement Pop-Up


Stephanie Limiti

For L.A.-based health junkies who aren't in the know already, it's worth noting that Free People recently launched a pop-up space in Santa Monica specifically devoted to its FP Movement collection. Through the end of the year, the space will play host to the brand's gorgeous athleisure pieces, as well as regular wellness events ranging from yoga classes to herbalism workshops. And because we share such a similar ethos—namely, that wellness is an ongoing journey and there's so much to learn—the idea of a partnership between Free People and THE/THIRTY seemed too organic to pass up.

That's why we came together last weekend to co-host an amazing workshop with empowerment coach and Reiki master Kelsey Patel. After meeting at the FP Movement pop-up for some light shopping, the group made a beeline for the beach, yoga mats in tow.


Victoria Hoff

To get our blood pumping, Patel first led us through a gentle but dynamic yoga sequence underneath the L.A. sun. (And for those who have ever ventured along the boardwalk in Santa Monica or Venice Beach, you know that tuning out the chaos and passersby on a busy Sunday was most definitely a mindfulness exercise in itself.)

After moving us through our final sun salutation, Patel then invited us to bring our mats closer, choose a word to focus on as our mantra, and sit back to back with a partner so that we could quite literally support one another as we meditated. This setup felt more profound as the meditation session continued, and we continued to feed into each other's energy. (It's definitely worth exploring at home.)

As we meditated, Patel moved from duo to duo to administer Reiki healing for a few moments. It's difficult to describe the sensation without venturing into woo-woo territory, but it was really remarkable: As Patel hovered her hands over our heads and whispered a few words, there was a palpable shift in the air—the kind of transient, odd feeling that gives you goosebumps. Moments later, we all opened our eyes and broke into a discussion about what we had experienced.

Patel sent us on our way with crystals in hand and a lot to consider—namely that by opening ourselves up to new energy and new experiences, we're arming ourselves with more tools to negotiate any stagnancies standing in our way. 

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