Behold: 28 Crazy-Cool Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list is no easy feat. (Which is why we've included super-chic guides for everyone from your dad to your bougiest friend.) But what about that friend, family member, or significant other who's a total fitness junkie? 

We wanted to think outside of the box to help you brainstorm a unique gift they'll fall head over heels (or should we say sneakers?) for. So, we decided to quiz nine top fitness experts—from celebrity trainers to activewear designers—on their favorite gifts for fitness lovers. And not surprisingly, they supplied us with a font of inspiration. Keep reading for our curated list the best 28 gifts for fitness lovers, according to top gurus in the industry. 

"I'm obsessed. I've been adding Vital Proteins's collagen peptides for a few years now, and the brand's New Collagen Creamer ($30) just made it a whole lot easier. Whether you’re trying to add more healthy fats and protein into your diet or just looking for a healthier alternative to coffee creamers, this is it. It's loaded with healthy ingredients like 10 grams of collagen peptides (building blocks for hair, skin, nails, and more) and REAL coconut powder, which is a great source of healthy medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) and auric acid." Katie Dunlop, creator of Love Sweat Fitness

"I've been a faithful user of Vera Bella's facial products for years. Combined with the Clarisonic Mia 1 Skin Cleansing System ($129), my skin stays clear, even, and smooth."  Ashley Borden, celebrity trainer

"Sleep is crucial to help repair muscles, so gift your fitness fan a Slip Sleep Mask ($45) to ensure they are well-rested and recovered for their next workout."Lauren Kleban, creator of LEKfit

"This Hydro Flask Water Bottle ($30) keeps things ice cold for 12 hours (sometimes even longer). Plus, it doesn't sweat and create a wet, mess which is a huge plus. There is nothing like reaching down for a big gulp of water during a killer workout and having it be icy cold. Plus, they come in all different sizes and cute colors too!" — Katie Jo Zayon, master instructor at Burn 60

"Sakara Life's Energy and Detox Bars ($29) are super delicious and the perfect snack before or after a workout." — Lauren Kleban

"You'll never step inside a tanning booth again (do people still do that?). It’s organic DHA, cruelty-free, give a totally natural color and only takes two hours to develop. Loving Tan's 2 HR Express Dark Self-Tanning Mousse ($40) would be a great gift for the fitness lovers in your life. With all those workouts, they don’t have eight hours to wait for a tan to develop without sweating! I mean, who does?"  — Katie Dunlop

"DpHue's Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse ($35) is amazing. It conditions your hair and leaves it looking and feeling softer and shinier! Don't worry, it won't leave you smelling like vinegar. It's infused with argan oil, fire tulip, lavender extract, aloe vera, and leaves you smelling fresh." — Morgan Stewart, activewear designer 

"I personally use Waff's Mini Elite ($79) daily with my clients and within my own workouts and have for years—they're portable and incredibly versatile. It's engineered to replicate the functionality of a vertebra. The central point of the structure, 'the body,' creates stability by supporting the midfoot while the surrounding area promotes reactivity and mobility of the fore and rear foot." Ashley Borden

"The APL Women's Ascend in Dusty Rose and White ($200) is the best sneaker for workouts! It’s lightweight, and the cushion and flexibility of the shoe make for a very comfy workout!" — Morgan Stewart

"Any hardcore fitness enthusiast loves an Epsom salt bath to detox the body and ease sore muscles. I love Dr. Teal's Soothe & Sleep with Lavender Gift Set ($26) for ultimate relaxation experience." — Lauren Kleban

"I love Sweat Cosmetics Mineral Powder SPF ($48). It makes a great gift because the packaging is aesthetically pleasing. It's not greasy and liquid like other products on the market, and it can be reapplied effortlessly and is designed for long-lasting wear. The brand has options regarding color too: skin tones that you can match online, clear with no color, and bronzers to give you a sun-kissed glow. Protection for your skin and beauty all in one." — Katie Jo Zayon

"Thorne's Liver Cleanse ($15) is my go-to vitamin during the holiday season amidst all of the holiday parties and all of the holiday drinks! Keep your liver in check and feel better in the morning by taking one of these bad boys per day!" — Lindsay Jang, yoga instructor and founder of MISSBISH

"Mobot's Water Bottle ($59) is the world's first foam roller water bottle, delivering hydration and massage in one portable and eco-friendly package. This is great for anyone who travels a lot or someone on the go. Foam rolling helps lengthen and loosen muscles, and the water bottle gives you no excuse to not fill up and hydrate when on the go." Tully Humphrey, yoga and boxing instructor and founder of Tully Lou

"Relus Resistance Bands ($14) are a perfect gift for the fit travelers in your life. I am all for workouts you can do anywhere, and these bands make it easier to get a serious burn at home or on the road. They’re easy to pack when traveling and will definitely help you stay on track even when you can't hit the gym." — Katie Dunlop

"Gift your fitness bestie Ouai's Dry Shampoo Foam ($28) so she doesn't have to choose between extending the life of her blowout or a sweat sesh." — Lauren Kleban

"Something that's nice to give a fitness lover is something they can use every day that adds a little flavor to their daily routine, so Hydracy's  Fruit Infuser Water Bottle ($23) is the perfect gift! They're going to need to hydrate after a sweat sesh, so you might as well make it a fun post-workout treat with their favorite fruits!" Andrea Speir, creator of Speir Method and founder of Speir Pilates 

"Give the gift of core control and good, effortless posture! BackJoy's Posture Corrector Cushion ($40) comes in cute colors, is affordable, and transforms a car, plane, train, couch, office chair, or anywhere you sit into a comfortable, ergonomically friendly seat (even in the tub!). Your entire body will thank you."  Ashley Borden

"Who doesn't want healthier skin, hair, nails, and a high dose of protein? I like to add Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides ($34) to my bag and add them to hot beverage during the day; they dissolve and are complete tasteless!" — Lindsay Jang

"For the weight training and CrossFit lovers, American professional powerlifter Mark Bell created a better version of the mini band to warm up the hip and strengthen the hard-to-reach hip muscles that drive powerful squats. Unlike a flimsy elastic mini band, Mark Bell's Grippy Hip Circle ($25) is made of a stiffer material and won’t snap or roll up on your bare thighs. I keep this product in my gym bag and people always ask me about it." — Tara Lyn Emerson, personal trainer and fitness expert

Nothing protects my ends from sweat better than Playa's Natural Ritual Hair Oil ($42)." — Lauren Kleban

"I wish LUSH carried this pepperminty product all year! Slather its Christingle Body Conditioner ($35) on your tired legs, shoulders, or back after a tough workout and let it tingle! You're guaranteed to feel like those newborn baby deer legs are ready for another marathon workout. Bonus, it's a vegan and all natural product!" — Tara Lyn Emerson

"The Touché LA Holiday Bundle of Thongs ($45) is great for workouts. They're soft, seamless and best of all—no panty lines! They come in camel, tangerine, grey, and noir. Can't go wrong with these." Morgan Stewart

"This product is worth every penny! The Hyperice's Hypersphere Vibrating Therapy Ball ($148) is more than a massage ball or foam roller. It uses high-intensity vibration to deeply activate or release tension in muscles and fascia, especially in trigger point areas on the body. It feels so good! More compact and portable than a foam roller, I take this little guy everywhere. Use before a workout, after or BOTH!" — Tara Lyn Emerson

"Because I'm in the gym all day, I don’t like to wear over-powering smells. I prefer oils and lightly scented lotions. Kai's Eau de Parfum ($76) is delicious without being cloy. I always feel like I'm on a Hawaiian vacation when I wear Kai (which is daily). Plus, the brand is cruelty-free and never tests on animals." — Ashley Borden

"Sulwhasoo's Snowise Brightening Masks ($130) are perfect for all skin types in all climates. Throw them in the fridge for an awesome cooling facial, or pack them for the plane to land super fresh!" — Lindsay Jang

"A gift certificate to a day spa is the perfect gift for the friend that goes hard in their workouts. I recently introduced weekly Voda Spa (Russian bathhouse) sessions to my post-workout recovery routine, so I could utilize its sauna and ice plunge features, and I can definitely feel the difference in how quickly my body is able to recover. Alternating between the heat of the sauna and freezing water of the ice bath is a great way to combat inflammation, flush the body of toxins, and remove lactic acid from sore muscles. I like going on Sundays, so I can start the week fresh and invigorated!" — Milan Cositch, celebrity trainer, owner and founder of Prevail Boxing

"Sunday Riley's Power Couple Duo: Total Transformation Kit ($85) is my favorite skincare duo to help keep my skin super-hydrated. The Luna Sleeping Oil is an all-time favorite of mine, and I always wake up feeling hydrated after a night's sleep." — Tully Humphrey

"Since sleep is probably at the top of everyone’s holiday wish lists this year, the Chilitechnology's Chilipad Cube ($649) makes an awesome gift. It goes over your mattress and helps regulate your body temperature for you throughout the night so you can fall and stay asleep with ease. As an entrepreneur and an athlete, I’m always trying to find ways to perform even better, and the Chilipad is so integral in helping me get a good night's sleep so my days are even more productive." — Milan Cositch