10 Amazing Gifts for Runners That Your Outdoorsy Friends Will Love

To all the devoted runners in the world, we commend you. It is a form of healthy exercise, but running is often approached as a full-on lifestyle that many people practice for years (so again, we commend you). The holidays welcome every excuse to indulge and treat yourself, but with the New Year rolling around, there's no better time than now to encourage and support healthy lifestyles. So why not tailor your gift-giving to the already motivated recipient? Hey, you may even be inspired to kick-start your own routine in the process.

They probably have all the workout clothes in the world, so gift them something different that'll make that five- or 20-mile run more enjoyable. From innovative, techy watches to sweatproof mascara, there are tons of cool gifts for runners to choose from. Check out the absolute best gifts for runners below.

All other wireless options can have a seat because these motion-sensor headphones are the truth. All runners will appreciate these tiny buds that blast huge sound for five hours straight. They fit your ear like a glove and will not move—perfect for cross-country runners. Its microphones have the ability to block out all other noise, truly allowing you to zone out and run to the music.

Available in sizes 2X to 4X.

Finding a cute sports bra with optimal support is not easy. Gift your girlfriend with this colorful bra with built-in spandex that'll comfortably hold everything together and make her stand out. Not to mention it doubles as a crop top, so she can go from the track to the grocery store with this functional bra.

With an active, high-intensity workout like running, keeping your hair out of the way is a must. However, cotton headbands can squeeze your hair a little too tight, leading to breakage. Every runner needs one of these stretchy hair ties that offer a comfortable grip that's just enough pressure to not rip out your strands.

If fanny packs aren't really her style, she'll love this cutie fitness belt. It's a super-lightweight, sweat-resistant belt that'll conveniently hold your phone while you get your run on. The plastic shield is a touchscreen, so you can answer calls and texts whenever. It also has a hole for your earphones.

Apple's at it again with the latest smartwatch addition to its lineup. Introducing the Series 3, which features a built-in GPS system—aka the best gift for runners who like to travel long distances. It tracks your heart rate and happens to be waterproof, so any athlete would appreciate the durability of this watch.

Before you turn up your nose at the price, understand (and appreciate) that over 500 Swarovski crystals went into creating this bejeweled water bottle. The extravagance will make staying hydrated a breeze because who wouldn't want to keep this fancy thing around them at all times?

Available in sizes 6 to 15. 

The cushioned build of these comfy running shoes will make you feel like you're running on air. Lots of runners gravitate toward brighter shoes so they won't blend into the background, making these ideal. They also feature a Nike Flymesh material that regulates heat levels when you're running for long periods of time.

Who says a little mascara won't make for a better run? This is where Eyeko Sport Waterproof mascara comes in with a hardworking Korean formula that can stand the sweaty test of time. Real talk: This 100% waterproof gel formula literally repels water—a great gift for a mascara-obsessed runner who'd rather be without smudged lashes on their next jaunt.

A runner can never own too many headbands. This stretchy, soft headband is a stocking stuffer that any gymgoer will love. For thick, curly hair, this cotton band is easy to repurpose into a comfortable hair tie.

Runners tend to get even more exposure to the sun than the average, which makes sunscreen a non-negotiable. Gifting someone with an exquisite sunscreen like Dr. Barbara Sturm's coveted sun drops will help their skin tremendously. This SPF 50 protection is no joke, and the serum is also infused with vitamin E and other extracts that help repair damaged skin cells.