10 Amazing Gifts for Runners That Your Outdoorsy Friends Will Love

To all the devoted runners in the world, we commend you. It is a form of healthy exercise, but running is often approached as a full-on lifestyle that many people practice for years (so again, we commend you). The holidays welcome every excuse to indulge and treat yourself, but with the New Year rolling around, there's no better time than now to encourage and support healthy lifestyles. So why not tailor your gift-giving to the already motivated recipient? Hey, you may even be inspired to kick-start your own routine in the process.

They probably have all the workout clothes in the world, so gift them something different that'll make that five- or 20-mile run more enjoyable. From innovative, techy watches to sweatproof mascara, there are tons of cool gifts for runners to choose from. Check out the absolute best gifts for runners below.